Board of Visitors

M.R.S.A. 34-A, subsection 3002: The Governor shall appoint a board of 5 visitors for each correctional facility under the department, as authorized by Title 5, section 12004, subsection 10

The Board of Visitors is an advisory group to review the management of the Maine Correctional Center to determine that the management is consistent with the philosophy, mission, and policy goals of the Department of Corrections and the Correctional Center. The Board of Visitors is required by law to refer complaints regarding specific individuals to the Warden of the Maine Correctional Center. The Board is not actually responsible for review of complaints concerning visitation between a particular inmate and members of the public.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is:  Thursday, June 3, 2021, from 2:45-4:45 p.m. at SMWRC.

Current members of the Board of Visitors are:

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the MCC Board of Visitors should apply through the Office of the Governor.

  • Bradley Fogg of Gray
  • Meris Bickford of Westbrook
  • James McBride of Windham
  • Dr. Jeffrey Barkin of Portland

To contact the Board of Visitors, write to:

c/o Warden
Maine Correctional Center
17 Mallison Rd.
Windham ME 04062


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