Maine Correctional Center

Anthony Cantillo, Warden

17 Mallison Falls Road
Windham ME 04062

Phone: (207) 893-7000
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Male Population Capacity:  440

Custody Levels:

  • Close
  • Medium
  • Minimum

Number of Department Staff:  286
Number of Medical Staff:  70

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Mission Statement

The Maine Correctional Center (MCC) is a Medium/Minimum Security facility and houses both male and female residents. It was established by an Act of the Legislature on April 4, 1919. An appropriation of $45,000 was made to purchase land and buildings, located in Windham. Originally called the Reformatory for Men, it was later named the “Men's” Correctional Center.  In 1976, the Stevens School was closed and the women were moved to the renamed “Maine” Correctional Center.

Today, the MCC complex includes a Medium custody facility housing approximately 650 incarcerated men and women as well as a 96-bed Minimum and Community custody facility for women called the Southern Maine Women’s Reentry Center (SMWRC).  The Maine Correctional Center is the primary reception center for the Maine Department of Corrections adult population.

It is the mission of the Maine Correctional Center to improve public safety by reducing the likelihood that incarcerated men and women will reoffend once released back into their communities. This is supported by providing opportunities for correctional rehabilitation in a setting that assures the safety of the public, the staff and the incarcerated population and through the utilization of objective risk and needs assessment, professional practices, and evidence-based programming. Incarcerated men and women are also afforded opportunities in educational and vocational programs as well as work opportunities in a variety of industries programs. Throughout their MCC commitment, incarcerated men and women are expected to accept increasing levels of personal responsibility for their conduct. They are strongly encouraged to participate in the programs that will teach skills to assist them in being successful upon release and to overcome obstacles to their success. The Maine Correctional Center also strives to have incarcerated men and women recognize their family obligations and to plan for a successful reentry into their communities.

Finally, the Maine Correctional Center recognizes the indispensable service, commitment and valuable contributions of its outstanding security, program, and support staff, and is dedicated to the ongoing development of a professional and skilled workforce with high ethical standards.