Employer Testimonials

“Our partnership with the SMWRC Program has been a mutually rewarding experience for our company!  The SMWRC does an EXCELLENT job in preparing their residents with the technical AND life skills necessary to posture them for success in transitioning back into regular society following imprisonment. As a result, we’ve benefitted from recruiting excellent employees who contribute to our company’s success. Working at our company allows the SMWRC residents to plan a secure future following their release and an opportunity to be part of a team who truly cares about their continued success in life. The SMWRC program is a solid example of Maine tax dollars being wisely invested for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders!”

Nappi Distributors
Gorham, ME

“Paradigm has been partnering with the Windham Pre-Release program for over 4 years.  During this time, we have developed a great working relationship. The Center is familiar with Paradigm and knows what the jobs at Paradigm entail, which has allowed us to successfully acclimate new employees. Paradigm has been able to offer advancement opportunities and our goal is to offer long-term jobs after release.  The Pre-Release program is a great way to start to acclimate people back into the workforce. We have found the program to be very beneficial to expanding our workforce.”

Paradigm Windows
Portland, ME

“Manpower Maine has been working closely with the Mountain View Correctional Facility location in Charleston Maine for the last couple of years to employ the residents who are eligible and available for work release opportunities. Manpower Maine is a staffing firm providing employers with the talent they need to succeed and grow. The Mountain View Correctional Facility work release residents have been an instrumental part of that process in conjunction with the JSI Store Fixtures work location.
I personally reached out to Community Programs Coordinator, Thomas, at the facility to talk about their work release program and to see how Manpower Maine could become a partner. Thomas greeted me with much enthusiasm and has been great to work with through the initial set up process and every step of the way throughout the tenure of our partnership. Thomas is quick to respond and resolve any issues or concerns that arise no matter the day of the week or the time of the day. I am very appreciative of this program and Thomas’ willingness to ensure the success of this program.  Thomas provides open feedback from every perspective and is highly spoke of by the residents in his work release program.
The feedback I have personally received regarding the resident’s abilities to perform the work duties and tasks, their attitudes displayed while onsite and their overall personal drive to work hard has been nothing but positive. In fact, I have heard the words “I wish all of our workers worked as hard as they do”.
This program has been a great asset to Manpower Maine and to meeting the production needs of our client site, JSI Store Fixtures. I would recommend this work release program to any employer seeking to secure reliable, skilled, hardworking individuals we have found by partnering with this program.

Manpower Maine

“Pemberton’s Gourmet Foods has really enjoyed working with the Southern Maine Women’s Reentry Center. The positive impact it has had on our production efficiencies and our team has been instrumental during COVID-19. We will continue to work with the program to help women re-enter society and gain valuable work experience in a food manufacturing environment. The woman we have trained and hired from the program have worked very hard for our company and have made good working relationships with our entire team. I would definitely recommend the SMWRC program to any company looking to add employees to their company as well as help women get trained in a good career and gain valuable experience in today’s world.”

Pemberton’s Gourmet Foods
Gray, ME

"I was first introduced to the DOC program when I started with CLYNK about 10 months ago. At first, I thought I was going to have issues with this program because of the past experiences I had with other DOC programs. I soon realized after working with Mary, the Community Programs Coordinator, and the ladies that came to the site that this program was a lot different than what I have been used to working with. The communication/feedback between my Supervisors and Mary has been outstanding. The ladies that come to the site are the hardest working/professional group that I have experienced in a long time. The ladies have met every challenge I put before them and not only did they meet my expectation they exceeded what I thought they were capable of.
Another positive about this program is that it gives an opportunity for the ladies that have been in trouble to get a chance to get back in to society and become a productive member of that society. I currently have leaders of this operation that have come through the DOC program and once they got out, they have worked their way up through the ranks to become key individuals in our growth.
I look forward to working with Mary and the ladies from the DOC program. They will always have a place here at CLYNK!!"

South Portland, ME