Infrastructure Grant Application

ConnectME's granting process for infrastructure grants is governed by state of Maine statute:
Provisionally Adopted Rulemaking. Below, find an easy-to-use guide to the application process.

Application Steps

  1. The official grant application form is posted for potential applicants to download. 2019 NEW Infrastructure Grant ApplicationExample Application (PDF)
  2. Applicants will have approximately one 45 days to submit full grant applications.
  3. Grant applications are reviewed by the ConnectME’s grant review team.
  4. The team will present their findings to the ConnectME Authority meeting for review and discussion of Grant Review Team recommendations.
  5. The Authority will review and take input from interested parties. The Authority will decide which projects are funded and this information will be posted to ConnectME's website.
  6. The funded projects are required to be completed within one year unless otherwise indicated in an approved grant or an approved extension.

Based on citizen feedback on the granting process, here are some descriptions and examples to aid in understanding the details of the granting process:

  1. Should a community wish to begin pursuing a grant, it should first check  to see if the community is served or unserved. If your community is served you are not eligible for a ConnectME grant.
  2. Use the map to see which providers are operating in your area. If you are still uncertain, you can call the ConnectME Authority at 207-624-9849. All applicants for ConnectME funding must have an internet service provider as an applicant partner. Nearly all Maine providers are aware of the ConnectME Authority grant process and many have received funding in the past.
  3. The majority of the application process will be handled by your internet service provider partner
  4. One of the scoring criteria is a show of community support. In this area a broadband “champion” for a community can be helpful. Community support has been gathered in the past in various ways: letter, email, notes, signup sheets, letters from local businesses, letters from legislators, letters from congressional representatives, and letters from residents who are away for part of the year. This information is given to the provider application or included by the community in the grant application.

If your community would like to learn more about broadband and how to organize around an issue such as broadband, please contact us at: 207-624-9849.