The ConnectMaine Authority is housed in the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development.

Broadband in Maine 4-Part Series

NDEC offers free tablets to Maine residents

Why the Maine speed testing initiative?

Networkmaine, MDOE Upgrading 301 PreK-12 Schools to Gigabit Speeds

Lessons learned from ConnectKidsNow! toward spending broadband bond

  • Midcoast story: "A very curious 1-year-old this morning as we watched fiber being strung down our road. It’s been wonderful to see Connect the Kids in action over the last week. The lineman said, 'You’ll have fiber soon!' as he waved to us. Many thanks to ConnectMaine and LCI for your quick work!"
  • Grants Awarded for ConnectKidsNow!
  • Bond Measure Approval

How States are Expanding Broadband Access

Post Road pilots with Maine communities