Heather Johnson: Director

As Director of the ConnectME Authority, Heather Johnson is focused on expanding access to and increasing adoption of broadband connectivity in Maine.  Prior to joining the ConnectME Authority, Heather built a diverse background in the private technology sector including sales, operations and general management roles at Nokia, Gateway and Toshiba. After leaving the private sector, Heather had the opportunity to concentrate on rural economic development at Somerset Economic Development Corporation.

Brooke Johnson: Assistant Director

Brooke joined ConnectME Authority from the Office of the Public Advocate where she served as their Business Manager since 2012. As Assistant Director Brooke will focus on managing grant funding and auditing grant recipients to ensure that grant funds are maximized and all requirements are filled. Brooke will work with municipalities, service providers, administration, legislators and others on the investment and deployment of broadband infrastructure in the State. Brooke brings with her extensive state government & utility knowledge and a great passion for helping others.