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Maine Civil War Monuments


Town/County:  Winterport/Waldo  
Location: Oak Hill Cemetery  
Type:  Shaft Materials: Hallowell, Maine granite, bronze plaques
Date Erected: Date Dedicated: September 21, 1871
Maker/Sculptor: Hallowell Granite Company, bronze plaques made by the Metallic Art Works, Somerville, Massachusetts Source of Funding: Theophilus Cushing of Winterport
Principal inscriptions: Front: True National Glory/Equal And Exact/Justice To All Men/  In Gratitude To The Citizen Soldiers And/Seamen Of Winterport For Services Rendered/Our Common Country In Surpressing The/Slave Holder Rebellion Of 1861 To 1865,/Thereby Maintaining The Union Of The/States, And Establishing Equal Freedom/And Justice To All The People Thereof./A Citizen Of The Town Has Erected This/Monument To Perpetuate Their Memory. May We Here Highly Resolve, That The/Dead Shall Not Have Died In Vain: That The Nation Shall, Under God, Have A New Birth/Of Freedom; That The Government Of The People, For The People, And By The People,/Shall Not Perish From The Earth. Honor To The Brave  Side: The Army And Navy Of The Republic/Guardians Of Law, Liberty, And Justice  Side: The Citizen Soldier, Our Country's Hope In Its Hour Of Peril  Rear: Soldiers In War - Citizens In Peace. From The/Right Of Protection Comes The Duty Of Allegiance Gift Of Theophilus Cushing, Sept. 21, 1871
References: Bangor Whig & Courier, September 22, 1871
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