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Maine Civil War Monuments

Rockland (Main & Park)

Town/County:  Rockland/Knox  
Location: Main and Park Streets  
Type:  Flag Pole Materials: Granite, Bronze, Copper
Date Erected: 1912 Date Dedicated: June 17, 1912
Maker/Sculptor: Source of Funding:
Principal inscriptions: 1st Face: This Memorial/Erected By The/Municipality/Citizens And/Friends-The/Edwin Libby Post/And Kindred/Organizations Of Patriotic Men/And Women/AD 1912  2nd Face: To The Memory/Of Those Men Who/Claiming Rockland/By Birth Or/By Adoption/As Their Home/Served In/The Army & Navy/Of The/United States/War of 1861-1865  3rd Face: The/City of Rockland/Is Forever To/Protect and/Maintain This/Memorial/And The Land/Upon Which/It Rests  4th Face: Here Stood/For Many Years/The Home of/Edwin Libby/Post No. 16/Grand Army/Of The Republic/Of The State/Of Maine
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Post card, c.1915

Post card, c.1915