My Numbers

One of the two options to complete the requirements to earn the 5% health premium credit for July 1, 2020, is for the Primary Subscriber (e.g. State of Maine employee) and the covered spouse/domestic partner to complete the My Numbers information at

You can get your most recent numbers in one of two ways:

  1. The tests can be ordered by your provider* or
  2. You can attend an on-site health screening (MS-Word). Registration Instructions (MS-Word)  

*In consideration of the latest recommended social distancing guidance, WellStarME, in conjunction with the Office of Employee Health and Benefits, has decided to postpone all on-site health screenings for 30 days, effective immediately. WellStar ME will be reaching out to anyone scheduled for an onsite screening in the next 30 days in regard to next-steps. 

The Office of Employee Health and Benefits is reviewing the Health Premium Credit Program and as new information becomes available details will be provided here.

*Results ordered by your provider or received from an on-site health screening must be from May 1, 2019 - September 30, 2020

What types of numbers will you need? (These will be the same tests offered at the on-site health screenings.  All seven are required to meet this option of the Health Credit Premium Program requirements.)
1. Blood Pressure
2. Weight
3. Height
4. Body Mass Index ("BMI")
5. Hemoglobin A1C or Fasting Blood Glucose (*See explanation below)
6. Total Cholesterol
7. HDL Cholesterol

*The on-site health screening will be conducting the Hemoglobin A1C test (and not the Fasting Blood Glucose test). If you get these results from your provider, you can have either the Hemoglobin A1C test or the Fasting Blood Glucose test; only one is required to be included in the My Numbers WellStarME page (along with the other numbers listed above) to meet this part of the criteria for the health premium credit.

The deadline to complete the Health Credit Premium Program requirements is by 11:59 pm, September 30, 2020.