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Make Obtaining Signatures and Approvals Easy


Be Environmentally Responsible


Save Time and Resources


The Bureau of Real Estate Management (BREM) is pleased to announce that, as of Fall 2017
, the Division of Leased Space and the Planning, Design and Construction Division has been offering DocuSign as an option for signing legal documents. 


At your convenience, from the electronic device of your choice, in any time zone and location, you will be able to electronically sign documents and approve contracts and agreements.


This electronic signature service will eliminate the time-consuming tasks of printing, faxing, mailing, and filing documents. Utilizing electronic transactions will streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and reduce errors while maintaining the security of sensitive information.


DocuSign meets the most rigorous security industry certification standards and uses the strongest commercially available data encryption technologies. DocuSign’s systems and processes exceed industry best practices for data protection and data transmission.


BREM is providing this new service at no cost to the document recipient.

How does it work? Your BREM point of contact will generate a document after agreement terms have been reached. They will then electronically transmit that document to your email address utilizing DocuSign.  It is as simple as:


1.      Receive your email

2.      Review your document

3.      Agree to sign electronically

4.      Start the signing process

5.      Verify your name

6.      Adopt a signature

7.      Save your signature

8.      Confirm signing


Within minutes, you’re done!


For more information, please contact BREM Division of Leased Space or the Planning, Design and Construction Division.


BREM is providing quality customer service while advancing business forward.

For more information, please contact Leased Space or Planning, Design & Construction Divisions.