Accessibility Policy and Laws

Digital accessibility pertains to making information technology accessible to people with disabilities. The following highlights our Maine Digital Accessibility Policy, applicable Accessibility Laws, and our Maine Digital Accessibility Strategic Plan.


Digital Accessibility and Usability Policy

Our Digital Accessibility Policy (PDF) provides guidance to State agencies for continually improving the accessibility of, usability of and equal access to digital information and services for all State of Maine end-users identifies.

It defines State standards for digital accessibility of websites, software applications and document accessibility and states:

"All citizens and employees should be afforded equal access to the digital information and services, that are developed, procured, or provided by the State of Maine. Digital information and services designed to be functionally accessible have the highest degree of usability for all people, including those who have visual, auditory, motor, cognitive, or other disabilities."


State policy, Maine law and Federal law require that services are accessible to people with disabilities.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal civil rights law which prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities. This includes accessing State and local government services as well as other public activities such as shopping, restaurants and recreational activities.

Maine Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination in employment, education, housing and public accommodation.

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires accessibility at the Federal level. Their website contains many good resources on accessibility and universal design.


Digital Accessibility Strategic Plan

In October of 2020, we adopted a Digital Accessibility Strategic Plan (PDF). This represented an important step to achieve a higher level of digital accessibility awareness, consistency, and organizational maturity.

This plan is consistent with our vision is to make the State of Maine's digital information and services available to, accessible to, and usable by, the broadest audience possible, in a sustainable manner, through broad organizational buy-in and collaboration.