The State provides a variety of workshops both at our facilities and outside facilities for a variety of our participants. In the field we have less control over environmental issues than we do when offering workshops at State offices. When planning a workshop, training or event, be prepared from the beginning.

Choosing a Site

The Room

  • The room should be on the first floor or a floor served by an elevator
  • Close doors and windows to minimize distractions and noise
  • Set up tables and chairs so that those using wheelchairs or other mobility devices can enter the room and find a place without the need to move furniture or equipment (minimum of 36-inch-wide maneuvering clearance)
  • Tables should be high enough to accommodate a wheelchair (minimum height of 28 inches knee space)
  • Arrange display or screens at far end of room, away from windows and out of direct sunlight
  • Keep room at a comfortable temperature without using portable fans or heaters, which make it difficult to hear
  • Ensure cords and easels are not tripping hazards in walkways
  • Depending on the size of the room, you may want to ensure it has an audio amplifier (or provide your own).


  • Lighting should be bright enough for people to navigate the space
  • When projecting images or presentations, dim only the area over the screen
  • Interpreters, if used, should be situated where the lighting is adequate


  • Provide mats on rainy or snowy days to keep the floors as dry as possible. Make sure that mats don't bunch up
  • If special assistance is needed or knowledge is needed to enter, provide staff and signage where appropriate

Last Minute options

  • Move tables and chairs to allow individual access to the room
  • Use blocks of wood or paper to raise table to accommodate a wheelchair (be sure it's stable)
  • Change location

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