Outdoor Ethics Course

Changing an adult’s ethical values is a difficult, but not impossible task. It has been proven that group communication produces positive results. Those who do change or even begin to think about their actions will find that making the decision to do right as opposed to wrong will become easier. Children, especially middle school age, are much more receptive to ethical training. The reason for that is that young adults at that age are in the process of forming their own individual standards of ethics.

The Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife offers two courses regarding ethical training.

For more information about the outdoor ethics course, contact the Safety Office at (207) 287-5220.

This course is used to meet a legal requirement for those who receive a mandatory revocation of a hunting, fishing, trapping or guiding license. The goal of the course is to show those attending the impact of their actions and for them to accept responsibility of their previous conduct.

Anyone who received a mandatory license revocation after June 10, 1997 must successfully complete the 8-hour course before the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife can reissue the revoked license. Completion of this course with a passing grade does not reduce the length of the license revocation. The course fee is $100.00 and must be paid in advance.

Anyone who has received a mandatory license revocation notice will get a letter advising them of the law requiring them to successfully complete the 8-hour Outdoor Ethics Course.

There are two or three facilitators to help the different groups with their discussions. During the day, three guest speakers, a biologist, a landowner representative and a game warden, speak to the group. All three will present examples of how practicing ethical behavior has a positive impact on our natural resources.

At the end of the day a written test is given. Anyone needing help with this test is assisted by one of the facilitators.

Registering for the 8-hour course is easy. The Recreational Safety Unit mails an information packet to everyone who has received a mandatory license revocation. This packet contains a course outline, a letter describing how to register, a registration form and a book entitled "Fair Chase". We strongly encourage people to read "Fair Chase" before attending the course because there are questions on the written test that come from this book.

When a person decides that he or she is ready to take the course, they need to fill out the registration form and return it with the $100.00 payment. When a course is scheduled, a packet is sent to those who need to take a class. The packet includes a notice telling where and when the course is going to be held, a map of the course location, and a reservation form. Reservation forms must be completed and returned to the Recreational Safety Unit by the course deadline return date.

If a registration form and payment have been sent in and a person is unable to attend a scheduled course or courses because of a conflict with work or other commitment, do not worry. That person’s name is kept on a list and they will continue to receive course notices until they are able to attend.

The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is committed to helping those who need to meet this legal requirement. Help us help you by registering as quickly as possible for one of these courses. The sooner we can schedule you for your course, the sooner you will be on your way to regaining your license and meeting the legislative mandate.

Treating the natural resources in an ethical manner is the only way to go.

Previous Course Participants’ Comments:

  • "I really enjoyed getting to meet the game wardens as people. I realize you (game wardens) have a difficult job. It was nice to see them listen to us as people and not just disregard our thoughts."
  • "The course has been an eye-opening experience."
  • "My son, 8 years old, was the deciding factor. He looked at me as if I had let him down. Now that I have had a chance to think things over, I can raise my son with better ethics than I had. Ending with that, I thank the Warden Service for doing their job well."
  • "I now have a better understanding for daily bag limits and regulations set by the State and realize now that I can make a difference just by how I think or act."
  • "I’ve always thought that I was law abiding and ethical, but since taking this course there are a lot of things in this little word "ethics" that the hunter often overlooks."
  • "I thought this course would be just a waste of time and another $100.00 bucks down the drain, but this course was run very well and worth the $100.00."
  • "I thought the course was great. I know now the reasons for the regulations and the laws we have. I’m sure my attitude will be much better in the future. I also see wardens in a different light. Thank you."