Adult Protective Services & Guardianship

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Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation. These are not pleasant words, yet they are a reality for thousands of adults in Maine each year.

Adult Protective Services (APS), is responsible for providing or arranging for services to protect incapacitated and/or dependent adults in danger. APS staff also petition for Public Guardianship and/or Conservatorship of incapacitated adults when all less restrictive alternatives have failed.

APS clients include the frail elderly, adults with medical problems, disabilities, mental illness, or substance abuse. The typical victim in Maine is female, over 60 years of age, and dependent on some other person for part of their daily living activities. The majority of clients referred to APS reside alone or with family. Abuse, neglect and exploitation also occur in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

APS clients are victims of physical abuse, unreasonable confinement, financial exploitation, and sexual abuse. Verbal abuse, intimidation, and deprivation of food, water, or medical care are other forms of danger. Danger may also include self-abuse or self-neglect.

Some clients welcome services offered by APS while others may completely refuse any assistance.

Abuse hurts at any age.