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Venue location – Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Maine 04330

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News & Announcements

  • To be announced: Notice memo to applicants – Awardees selected for exhibit booths at 2025 show (PDF)
  • To be announced: Notice memo to applicants – Awardees selected for Conference sessions, Listening Post, and “Maine” Stage (PDF)
  • To be announced: Participant directory

Interest Form - Apply for Upcoming Show

2025 Interest Form

Interest form priority deadline has passed for the 2024 show.

Participant FAQs

Q. When will applicants learn about their selection for the show? +

The Department anticipates publishing notices of conditional awards (applicants selected for the show) in two parts on the DACF Ag Trades Show webpage. First: notice of booth exhibitors by August 1. Second: Conference sessions, Listening Post and the “Maine” Stage by September 1.

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Q. When will the tentative conference agenda be published? +

The Department anticipates sharing the conference information in two steps:

First: Directly sharing a tentative agenda with conference participants as soon as September 1. This will be sent via email and shared files before publishing the tentative agenda online. Second: a tentative agenda will be published online by early November. Printable agendas will be available for download before Dec. 1.

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Q. Why do I need to apply for the show using the interest form? +

The show is a popular event and receives requests from many interested parties. To help organize requests and plan the show, show organizers use the interest form, which captures important planning details. The Department selects the applicants based on priority areas and then announces participants.

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Q. What are the considerations for selection? +

For more details, please review the Application and Selection Ways to Participate in the Show reference guide.

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Q. What types of conference sessions are typically successful? +

Most attendees and presenters agree that a panel of peers and interactive networking opportunities are popular. In some instances, it’s more beneficial to collaborate with others to host a joint conference session that includes shorter sessions as part of a longer agenda. This can help organizations achieve outreach goals and improve networking during the show.

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Q. How do I get on the wait list if the priority deadline passed or awardees have been announced ? +

All who wish to participate in the show should submit the interest form. This is required to be considered on a potential waitlist. Please note that show organizers will contact applicants about wait list opportunities if they are available.

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Participant Services – Exhibitors, Conference Session, Main Stage Presenters

Agreement and Payment Info - All Participants

Fees, Invoicing Payments

Maps and Getting to the Venue

Promotional Tools

We encourage participants and supporters to share digital assets and follow DACF's Facebook page to share relevant information.

The Department promotes the show via print, web, radio and media alerts.

  • 2025 Flyer (PDF) – Print versions available by request, as available. Coming this Fall!
  • Social Media Image (JPG) - Coming this Fall!

Join our promotional distribution list, organized by the Department’s Real Maine agricultural promotional staff. Choose the Maine Ag Trades Show options (or any others that interest you) to share printed promotional materials. Requests received by September 1 will be prioritized; you will receive a minimum of five flyers to display and help promote the show.

Welcome Kit

Important Dates

Month Items Due
January - June for priority consideration

Complete the show interest form
Use the interest form to submit requests to participate in conference sessions, exhibit space, and/or presentation/demo stage, and Listening Post.

Note: this is a popular event with limited space. Completing the form does not guarantee that businesses or organizations will be awarded a space or future agreement.

September - November
  • Confirmation of awarded participation by show management.
  • Participant orientation webinar.
  • Participants sign digital agreement.
  • Billing and invoicing begins.
October - November
  • Tentative schedule and layout announced.
  • Conference session descriptions due.
  • Additional event information published on show website.

Participants review Welcome Kit materials.


Annual show occurs. Subscribe to event news, and follow along on social media with #ATS2025