Report Property

If you are an entity with property belonging to another person and you have held the property for the required dormancy period, it should be reported as unclaimed property. All reports must be electronic. See File Your Electronic Report.

Entities must notify owners of unclaimed property valued at $50 or more of their intention to report property to the State of Maine. This notice must be sent no more than 120 days and no less than 60 days prior to filing their report.

Quick-Link Instructions:
Reporting Stock
Reporting Safekeeping
Reporting to Other States

You must file a negative report IF:

  • you are an entity located or incorporated in the State of Maine; and
  • you are holding NO unclaimed property; and
  • you have never filed an unclaimed property report before; OR
  • you have filed a positive report within the last three years.

Maine's Unclaimed Property Act - A link to State of Maine Law for Unclaimed Property