Extension and/or Exemption Request

33 M.R.S.A. s. 1958 (6) provides as follows: "Before the date for filing the report, the holder of property presumed abandoned may request the administrator [Treasurer] to extend the time for filing the report. The administrator may grant the extension for good cause. The holder, upon receipt of the extension, may make an interim payment on the amount the holder estimates will ultimately be due, which terminates the accrual of additional interest on the amount paid."

All reports must be filed electronically. In the event that computer access is unavailable you may request an exemption from this requirement.

All requests for extensions aand exemptions must be in writing and submitted to the Treasurer before the reporting deadline. Please use the form below.

  • Request Extension or Exemption
  • NOTE: Late Reporting Penalties

    A late report will be subject to interest at a rate of 18% or 10% above the annual rate of the most recent issue of 52 week US Treasury bills.