How to Prevent Property from Becoming Abandoned or Unclaimed

  • Keep a record of all bank accounts.
  • Indicate your interest in and awareness of all accounts by contacting the holder at least once every three years.
  • Record all stock certificates and be sure to cash all dividends received.
  • Record all utility deposits, including telephone, cable, and electricity deposits.
  • Respond in writing to any requests for confirmation of account balances with banks, stockbrokers and utility companies.
  • Prepare a check list of all accounts to be notified when you change your address. Share this list with a family member or trusted advisor.
  • Notify your bank, broker, credit card issuer, employer, 401K administrator, life and health insurance contact, mortgage lender, doctor, attorney, accountant, retirement fund, investment account, mutual fund, safe deposit box account, and any others of your name and/or address changes due to marriage, divorce or other legal action.
  • Notify your business contacts of your change of address when you move and when the post office notifies you that your address has been changed, even if your physical location remains the same.
  • Cash all checks promptly upon receipt, no matter how small.