Microsoft VISTA Advisory for Home Users

By Mike Pomerleau

The State of Maine Office of Information Technology has decided to not deploy or support the new Microsoft Vista (OS) operating system and Microsoft Office 2007 at this time within State government. Both products sets present interoperability issues with our current IT infrastructure and application set.

The use of Office 2007 presents interchangeability issues with prior versions of Office if files are not saved in a common interchangeable format, i.e. rich text format (RTF).

Initial testing of Vista has uncovered issues with remote access to the network through CheckPoint Secure Remote and Juniper SSL VPN.

If you are using the Juniper remote access system, please do NOT upgrade to the Windows Vista OS at this time. The current version of Juniper will NOT support Vista. OIT plans on having Juniper Vista support available as soon as the new Juniper version is available (Late February / early March).

If you are using Secure Remote, please do NOT upgrade to Vista at this time. The Vista version of Secure Remote is still in Beta testing and has not been released yet.

While OIT has been unable to test IPRS (Internet Protocol Routing Service-dial up network) with Vista to date, the plan is to begin testing as soon as possible. In the meantime, please do NOT upgrade any of your IPRS clients to Vista.

This advisory will help users avoid possible inoperability issues with Vista and Office 2007.