LD 1794 Veto Message


28 April 2014

The 126th Legislature of the State of Maine State House Augusta, ME

Dear Honorable Members of the 126th Legislature:

Under the authority vested in me by Article IV, Part Third, Section 2 of the Constitution of the State of Maine, I am hereby vetoing LD 1794, “An Act To Cancel the No-bid Alexander Group Contract To Produce Savings in Fiscal Year 2013-14.”

This bill is nothing more than partisan politics. Democrats find it inappropriate for a Republican administration to work with a consultant simply because that consultant might have ideas the Democrats do not like. I frankly do not care whether the Legislature agrees with how the Alexander Group advises this administration. Maybe next the Legislature will hire or fire my staff in the Governor’s Office—should I be required to retain only Democrats to advise me?

I also find it surprising that Democrats are complaining about sole source contracts. My administration has implemented reforms that have resulted in significant increases in the percentage of State contracts put out to RFP. Many of these contracts had previously been awarded to the same entity for upwards of 25 years with no bidding. On the other hand, in some instances, sole source contracts are appropriate when the entity receiving the contract has unique experience in a particular field. Mr. Alexander is the only individual in the country, in his role as a commissioner in Rhode Island, to have received a Medicaid global waiver, a unique expertise which we value.

For these reasons, I return LD 1794 unsigned and vetoed. I strongly urge the Legislature to sustain it.


Paul R. LePage

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LD 1794 Veto Message