Ad Hoc Subcommittee on the May Conference


Oct. 31, 2005

Meeting location:

O’Natural’s in Falmouth

Notes compiled by:

Liz McCabe Park

Chair(s) / Facilitator(s):


Members present:

Stacy Smith, Holly Lasagna, Liz McCabe Park, Barbara Kaufman


Agenda Item(s):

Major Points of Discussion:


1.Draft Goals for May Conference sponsored by Bates College and the CETF

·   Celebration of the work of people who submitted exemplar/best practices

·   Help submitters put their work into the context of civic learning and engagement

·   Dissemination of the breadth of good practice among participants

·   Generate input/data for a professional development plan for the state

·   Generate input/data for opportunities for K-H partnerships in civic learning and engagement

·   Explore policies that promote or hinder civic learning and engagement practices

·   Demonstration of a model of community conversations about civic learning and engagement


2.Draft possible agenda for May Conference


·    Celebration and table displays of exemplars/best practices.  Perhaps practitioners circulate with papers containing focus questions to answer by looking at displays.

·    Table groups of practioners with facilitators and recorders discussing key questions, perhaps a jigsawing of tables discussing different questions. Tables might be organized by subject area or by Promising Approach.

Lunch – Ira Harkavy keynote, segue-ing from practice to policy and partnerships


·    Discussions that bring the morning’s data into a plan for making the ground fertile for civic learning and engagement to thrive.  The plan would have components of policy, practice and capacity.


3. Questions for the CETF Steering Committee

·    What specifically do we mean by a “professional development plan?”

·    Who would ‘own’ this professional development plan?

·    What would be realistic and appropriate for Maine?

·    What other types of plans would be a nice outcome of this day?


4. Brainstorm of possible questions for morning or afternoon discussions

·    What would a developmental sequence of the six or eight approaches to civic learning and engagement look like K- Higher ed?

·    What would educators need to know in order to deliver the sequence?

·    What opportunities are there for K-H partnerships?

·    What policies promote or hinder practitioners?



Next Steps:

Task 1

Get clarity from CETF Steering Committee on  the questions above

To be carried out by:

Barbara and Liz at the next SC meeting

Task 2

Refine goals and agenda

To be carried out by

Group at next meeting


Next Meeting Date/Time:

11/28/05, 9:30 a.m.


Maine Campus Compact office, Bates College, Lewiston

Items for Next Meeting Agenda:

Refine goals and Agenda, start targeting audiences and logistics.