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The Path to Maine Lawmaking - Maine Department of the Secretary of State

Pre-Viewing Questions

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As you view the video, watch and listen for answers to the following questions about lawmaking in Maine.




  1. How many people serve in the House? in the Senate?

  2. When does the Maine Legislature meet?

  3. What are the names of at least 5 of Maine 's 17 legislative committees?

  4. What does the Appropriations committee do? Why is it so important?

  5. What is a biennial budget?

  6. What are the qualifications for people who hold office in the Maine Legislature?

  7. Why do people want to serve in the Maine Legislature?

  8. What role does the Governor play in the legislative process?

  9. Can you name at least 3 differences between the Maine Legislature and the United States Congress?

  10. What are 3 ways that Maine citizens can influence the legislative process?