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The Path to Maine Lawmaking - Maine Department of the Secretary of State

Video Post-test

After viewing the video, answer the following questions:

  1. The Maine Legislature is made up of two chambers, the House of Representatives and the Senate. How many members are in the House ?__________ Senate?_________

  2. The Maine House has representatives from two Native American tribes, what are they?______________________________________________________

  3. Currently the Maine Legislature has 17 joint standing committees. Can you name three of them? _________________,______________________,__________________

  4. What is the title given to the presiding officer in the House?_______________ What is the title given to the presiding officer in the Senate?________________

  5. The Legislature votes on state budget that is in effect for two years. What do we call a two year budget? __________________________

  6. Legislators are elected at General Elections in November. How long are the terms that legislators serve after they are elected?____________________

  7. Individuals may try to influence legislators by going directly to the State House to speak to them. This activity is called_____________________.

  8. The Office of Policy and Legal Analysis and the Office of Fiscal and Program Review support the work of the Legislature, but the employees are not publicly affiliated with any political party. That means the staff are considered to be ________________.

  9. A Committee may vote to send a bill out of committee with a vote to pass or not to pass or to pass as amended. What does it mean to amend a bill or a law?__________________________

  10. Often another institution is considered the fourth branch of government (in addition to the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches) because of its influences on the political process. Can you identify that institution?_____________________