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The Path to Maine Lawmaking - Maine Department of the Secretary of State

Law Talk (continued)


Rules  Rules of parliamentary procedure either in committee or on the floor.

Second Reading  The second reading of a bill, after which, if approved, it is passed to be engrossed.

Senate  One of the two chambers of the Maine Legislature. The Senate is required under the Constitution of Maine to consist of an odd number of members, between 31 and 35 members who serve two-year terms.

Session  Period during which the Legislature assembles and carries on its business. There are two regular sessions in each biennium. During the first regular session, a legislator may submit legislation on any topic. In the second regular session, the Constitution of Maine limits bills to budgetary matters, bills in the Governor's call, direct initiatives, legislation derived from committee studies during the interim and legislation of an emergency nature. The Legislative Council reviews each legislator's requests for legislation in the second regular session to determine whether it meets constitutional requirements.

Speaker of the House The presiding officer of the House of Representatives elected by the members of the House.

Sponsor  A legislator who proposes a bill to the Legislature.

Statute  General term for acts of the Legislature.

Table  To delay action. A measure may be “tabled” until later in the day, another date or an indefinite time.

Veto  Disapproval of an act, typically by the Governor.

Work Session  Meeting of a legislative committee to discuss committee business or to work on bills.

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