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The Path to Maine Lawmaking - Maine Department of the Secretary of State

Law Talk (continued)


Committee  A group of people delegated to examine a certain subject or proposals.

Committee, joint standing  Joint standing committees are established by joint rule to deal with legislative measures in specific subject areas.

Concur  Agree; when both chambers have acted similarly.

Constitutional Resolution A proposal for a change to the Constitution of Maine which, if passed, goes to the voters for their approval.

Debate  Formal argument and discussion in a chamber.

Enactment The legislative action after engrossment and is the last step before a measure is signed by the President and Speaker and sent to the Governor for approval. Measures that reach this stage are by convention referred to as finally passed.

Engrossed  Literally, printed. A printed bill with all its adopted amendments.

First reading  Initial reading of a measure on the floor of a chamber that is followed by a second reading. There is no floor debate on a bill in its first reading if a favorable committee report has been accepted.

Fiscal note  Information of the financial impact of a bill.

Fiscal year  The 12-month period from July 1st to June 30th for which the budget is formulated.

Floor  Figuratively, within the chamber while the chamber is in session.

Governor  The executive head of a state in the United States , elected by the people in that state to serve for a four year term.

Hearing, public  Procedure whereby interested members of the public are invited to testify before a committee on a proposed bill.

House of Representatives  One of the two chambers of the Maine Legislature that are vested with the Legislative power of the State. The House is composed of 151 representatives elected for two-year terms.

Initiative A legislative proposal originated by citizens. The Legislature has the option of enacting the measure as proposed or sending it out to voters.

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