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For Immediate Release      
April 3, 2001
Contact: Dan A. Gwadosky

Secretary Gwadosky Suspends Motor Carrier

AUGUSTA--Secretary of State Dan A. Gwadosky has suspended the operating authority of a Massachusetts motor carrier who conducts business in Maine.  Secretary Gwadosky’s suspension of Cappello Trucking Inc. of Marlboro, MA was made pursuant to a recommendation received from the Maine Motor Carrier Review Board.   Cappello will be suspended for a period of thirty days, beginning April 16, 2001.  The suspension prohibits the motor carrier from operating its commercial vehicles in Maine.  Cappello may appeal the suspension to the Maine Superior Court.

“The suspension period provides carriers with an opportunity to ensure their drivers and vehicles operate within the safety requirements of Maine law,” said Secretary Gwadosky.  “The Motor Carrier Review Board has been effective in evaluating the records of commercial carriers and promoting safety on Maine’s roadways.”

Cappello came before the Board for 15 overweight and safety violations.  The company also had 4 roadside inspections resulting in 6 out-of-service violations.  An out-of-service violation is a specific, serious violation, generally vehicle related, that prevents any further movement of the vehicle until the violation is corrected.

The Maine Motor Carrier Review Board gives special consideration to hours of service, gross vehicle weight, log book and vehicle defect violations.  The Board is comprised of representatives from large and small motor carriers, the forest products industry, the insurance industry and a citizen representative who is a member of Parents Against Tired Truckers.  The Board was established in 1995 as a first of its kind peer review to assist the Secretary of State in evaluating motor carrier safety violations and encouraging motor carrier compliance with state and federal regulations.   The Secretary of State is responsible for considering and, if warranted, acting on the Board’s recommendations.

Since its creation in 1996, the Board has conducted nearly 450 reviews of over 240 different Maine and out-of-state motor carriers.   The 450 reviews resulted in the Board conducting 169 preliminary reviews; issuing 160 formal warnings; conducting 110 formal hearings; and recommending 13 suspensions.  In addition, the Board has also required carriers to develop and implement a motor carrier safety plan, as part of remedial action when appropriate.