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December 18, 2000 
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Maine Electors Convene and Cast Ballots for President

AUGUSTA - Maine’s Electoral College convened and cast ballots today for President and Vice President of the United States of America during a ceremony conducted in the Maine House of Representatives Chamber.  All four of Maine’s electoral votes were cast for Al Gore and Joe Lieberman.  Several schools and other guests watched the ceremonies from the House gallery.

“Maine’s unique way of distributing electors received much attention during this very close presidential election,” said Secretary of State Dan A. Gwadosky.  “Given the unusual circumstances surrounding this year’s election, I anticipate that the Electoral College will be under scrutiny again and the discussion may include Maine and Nebraska’s distinct manner of allocating some electors by congressional district.  However, any change in the process should receive careful consideration and should not be an involuntary reaction to recent events.” 

The popular vote on November 7, 2000 determined who would be Maine’s four presidential electors. In the certified election results, Al Gore and Joe Lieberman received the most votes statewide and the most votes in each of the Congressional Districts.  The electors are required to convene on the first Monday after the second Wednesday of December following the election and vote for the President and Vice President.  Two separate ballots were cast for President and Vice President during the ceremony. For an explanation of the mechanics of Maine’s Electoral College law, click here.

This year’s Presidential Electors in Maine are:

First District  - Joseph Mayo, Augusta
Second District - William Phillips, Bangor
At-Large  - Christopher W. Babbidge, Kennebunk
At-Large  - Dorothy Melanson, Falmouth

“We were thrilled to have students in attendance today to watch this important part of our presidential election process,” stated Secretary Gwadosky.  “Witnessing an event such as this in person reinforces the two dimensional lesson found in a textbook into a three dimensional experience to remember for a lifetime.  I wish every school in Maine could have been with us today.”

Electors of all 50 states will be convening today to cast their ballots.  Each state will then report its results to the President of the United States Senate, among other officials.  A majority of the 538 electors is required to become President and Vice President.