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June 25, 2008
Contact: Don Cookson

Bureau of Motor Vehicles Takes Stress Out of Visiting the BMV

Unique Effort to Raise Awareness of New Residency Law

Bangor- Not knowing a law exists doesn’t mean you don’t have to comply, and that’s what some customers at Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) branch offices across Maine are finding out when they try to get a new license or ID card, or to have an existing credential renewed. Maine lawmakers created a new residency requirement earlier this year at the suggestion of Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, and that law requires documentary evidence of a person’s physical address within Maine before a state license or ID card can be issued or renewed- even if you have held such a credential for years.

Dunlap says “It can be stressful for people if they don’t have the right documentation when they get to the clerk’s window at the BMV. It’s stressful for them, and for clerks, too; while they want to help customers, they must also uphold the new law. Lately, that has meant sending some people away, to get the proof they need to show they in fact reside here in Maine.”

Enter Mike Dow and Mike Elliot, better known as Mike and Mike of WKSQ, KISS 94.5 FM in Bangor. During an on-air interview with Dunlap about the residency requirement last week, the radio co-hosts said they knew how to lessen stress- offer chair massage and beauty treatments to BMV customers right at the BMV office. “Secretary Dunlap thought we were joking- but for once, we weren’t,” said the radio hosts. The two lined up a professional stylist and two professional massage therapists, and brought them along for a live broadcast from the BMV branch office located in Bangor’s Airport Mall Wednesday morning. Customers who chose to could take a couple of minutes for a free massage, or to get tidied up for their driver license photo, all while Mike and Mike broadcast their show live from the BMV, telling listeners about the new residency law.

“This was a great way for us to have some fun while spreading the word about this new law that applies to everyone,” said Dunlap, continuing, ”while at the same time bringing smiles to some of our customers- and that’s not always the expression people show when visiting the BMV. Our thanks to Mike and Mike, the beautician, and massage therapists who all volunteered their time and services to make this educational effort a big success.”

Details on how to comply with the residency law are on the BMV website here: