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June 26, 2006
Contact: Doug Dunbar

Recount Completed in Androscoggin County Sheriff Democratic Primary

AUGUSTA, MAINE – A recount resulting from the June 13, 2006 Democratic Primary in the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s race was conducted on Monday under the supervision of the Secretary of State's Office. The recount determined that Guy P. Desjardins received 2137 votes, and Ronald B. Gagnon received 2094 votes. Unofficial election totals indicated that Mr. Desjardins received 2143 votes and Mr. Gagnon received 2073 votes. Mr. Desjardins remained the prevailing candidate.

All recounts are conducted at the Maine State Police Operations Center at the Central Maine Commerce Center in Augusta. Recounts are a public proceeding and members of the media may attend to observe. State law requires the State Police to collect the ballots for the recounts and keep them in the secured State Police facility until the recounts have been completed. The ballots are stored in tamperproof metal containers and are closed with specially numbered security seals and locks.

During a recount, representatives for each candidate and staff members of the state’s Elections Division manually review each ballot to determine if the initial tabulation in the election is correct. The candidates may revise the election results based on the recount and by their mutual agreement.