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For Immediate Release 
August 5, 2004
Contact:Dan Gwadosky

Secretary of State Announces Informational Campaign
about Motorized Scooters and Similar Small Vehicles

AUGUSTA, MAINE – Secretary of State Dan A. Gwadosky announced on Thursday that his Department has launched a consumer education campaign regarding the safe and lawful operation of motorized scooters and mopeds, as well as motorized bicycles and similar small vehicles, that have become increasingly present on Maine's roadways.  As part of this effort, educational materials have been mailed to businesses that sell these vehicles, and to law enforcement and public safety agencies.

“This outreach initiative is intended to enhance public safety and to ensure that businesses, consumers and law enforcement officials have accurate and thorough information about the safe and lawful use of these small vehicles,” Secretary Gwadosky commented.

The mailing includes a handout which provides details about relevant provisions in Maine law.  Companies and agencies receiving the mailing have been encouraged to share its information with those who purchase and operate these types of motor vehicles.  Additionally, materials will be prominently displayed in all Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) offices throughout Maine .

“It's important for people to understand that current law requires an appropriate license to operate virtually all of these vehicles, including motorized scooters and mopeds, on any public way or in a public parking area.  Additionally, owners of mopeds and many motorized scooters need to know that these vehicles must be registered,” Secretary Gwadosky added.

Beyond this summer's educational outreach to the business and law enforcement communities, Secretary Gwadosky is reviewing current laws and rules to determine if the requirements governing operation and registration of these vehicles should be changed or clarified in any way.  That review began in July and is being conducted in cooperation with state and local public safety officials, as well as business operators and consumers.  As part of this process, the Secretary indicated that public input about small motorized scooters and similar vehicles is welcomed.

“Our efforts are designed to ensure that consumers have adequate information, that businesses have the necessary support and assistance, and that public safety is enhanced,” Secretary Gwadosky concluded.

To obtain a copy of the BMV motorized scooter handout, to ask questions, or to offer comments, the public is encouraged to call (207) 624-9000, extension 52145.