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June 22, 2004
For Immediate Release
Contact: Dan Gwadosky
(207) 626-8400

Secretary of State Announces Outcome of
Senate District 20 Republican Primary Election

AUGUSTA, MAINE – Secretary of State Dan A. Gwadosky announced on Monday that the recount in Senate District 20's Republican Primary Election between Dana L. Dow of Waldoboro and Leslie T. Fossel of Alna resulted in each candidate receiving 1834 votes. Four additional ballots remain in dispute. They will be forwarded to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court for a determination. Mr. Dow's vote total on election night was 1871, while Mr. Fossel's total was 1853. Both candidates signed off on the outcome of Monday's recount, and will await the Court's ruling.

“Recounts are a vital part of our electoral system. I want to thank the candidates and their representatives, as well state and local election officials and personnel at the Maine State Police, for their involvement and efforts. The final unresolved ballots in this recount will be sent to the state's Supreme Judicial Court for a determination,” Secretary Gwadosky commented.

As required by Maine law, all ballots are sealed in special security containers in each community on election night. The State Police then collects all ballot boxes from each community involved in a recount. They are stored in a secure State Police facility until the time of the recount, which is conducted at the Maine State Police Crime Lab in Augusta.

During a recount, representatives for each candidate and staff members of the state's Elections Division manually review each ballot to determine if the initial tabulation in the election was correct. The candidates may revise the election results based on the recount and by their mutual agreement.

A candidate who requests and receives a recount may withdraw from the recount, thus ending the process, at any time while the recount shows that candidate did not win the election. If, however, the candidate requesting the recount overtakes and passes the candidate who initially appeared to win the election, the candidate requesting the recount may not withdraw the request.

If a recount produces enough disputed ballots to affect the outcome of the election, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court shall review the disputed ballots and will determine the outcome of the election.

Two of four remaining recounts are scheduled for Tuesday, June 22nd. House District 81's Democratic Primary Election between Rodney C. Jennings and John D. Wakefield will be recounted at 9:00 a.m. , while the Democratic Primary Election in House District 137 between Richard E. Rhames and Alan M. Casavant will follow at approximately 1:30 p.m. in the Maine State Police Crime Lab in Augusta .