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August 3, 2004
For Immediate Release
Contact: Doug Dunbar
(207) 626-8406

Secretary of State Gwadosky Conducts Drawing to Determine
Order of Questions on November General Election Ballot

AUGUSTA, MAINE -- Secretary of State Dan A. Gwadosky conducted a public drawing on Tuesday to determine the order of two citizen initiatives that are scheduled to appear on the November 2, 2004 General Election ballot. The drawing was held in the Secretary of State’s office in Augusta. As a result, the questions will appear on the ballot in the following order:

Question 1: Do you want to limit property taxes to 1% of the assessed value of the property?

Question 2: Do you want to make it a crime to hunt bears with bait, traps or dogs, except to protect property, public safety or for research?

“This drawing is part of Maine’s electoral process. It helps the public to focus on the issues that will appear on the ballot, and assists organizers—both for and against these questions—to develop their educational materials,” Secretary of State Gwadosky commented.

Maine law requires the drawing process for ballot position. State law also requires the questions to be organized on the ballot by category as follows: people's veto questions are first, then citizen initiatives, followed by bond questions, then constitutional amendments and finally referendum questions.

For this November’s ballot, there are two citizen initiatives. One or more bond issues may still be proposed by the Legislature, if a special session is held. If that occurs, and one bond issue is proposed, it will be Question 3 on the ballot. Should more than one bond issue be proposed, there will be a second drawing to determine the order.

Information about the ballot questions, as well as the electoral process in general, is available online at Maine ’s new eDemocracy website. It can be easily accessed through the state’s homepage (