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The Maine Student/Parent Mock Election is an excellent way to encourage young people to become interested in voting and involved in state and national issues and candidates.  Many schools use this as an opportunity to bring civics and current events into the classroom.  There is an added benefit to discussing in the classroom the candidates and issues to be decided in this November's election.  Many times these discussions continue at the dinner table when the student goes home.  Many parents become interested in the electoral process because of the interest developed by their son or daughter.  Those parents who already vote will reinforce the lessons learned in the classroom.  

The state of Maine had a record breaking number of schools and voters involved in the 1996 Maine Student/Parent Mock Election.  Over 460 Maine schools participated and over 100,000 votes were cast by students, faculty and parents.  We would like to build on this success in the 1998 Mock Election. 

If your school has not registered, Please do so today.  Remember Mock Election night is on October 29, 1998! 

Dan A. Gwadosky  
Secretary of State  

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Listed below are a number of ideas that you may use in developing your mock election programs.  Feel free to use these ideas or incorporate them into your own programs and curriculum.
Ideas to get you started

State Voter Registration Day

Participate in the state voter registration day to be held on September 17th. While only 17 and 18 year olds can register to vote, younger students can take part in the registration drive.  Work with your local registrar or municipal clerk to conduct a voter registration drive at your school and invite members of the community who have not registered to vote, to register as part of this state-wide drive.  Contact the Secretary of State's Office for registration cards.

For additional information and ideas, contact:
Domna Giatas
Mock Election Coordinator
Office of the Secretary of State
148 State House Station
Augusta, ME  04333