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Mozzie Moose & Loretta Lobster Animation Transcript

Mozzie Moose:
"Hi Kids! I'm Mozzie Moose."
Loretta Lobster:
"And I'm Loretta Lobster. Welcome to the Maine Secretary of State Kids' Page. Maine is a great state to visit and an even better place to live. We have beautiful rocky coastlines and lush green forest lands. To learn more, check out the 'All About Maine' section. Some of my favorites are the tree of facts, famous people from Maine and state symbols."
Mozzie Moose:
"In the '(Maine) Government' section look for information about state government, counties in Maine and don't miss that great cartoon,"The Road to Maine Laws".
Loretta Lobster:
"Don't forget to try out the games, join the chickadee club, and find out more about school programs in our FYI section."
Mozzie Moose:
"For all you surfers out there, surf across the US to other Kids' Pages and get help from the homework helpers available in the 'Links' section."
"Have fun!"