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Chester Greenwood

Chester Greenwood

1858 - 1937. The Farmington entrepreneur has gone down in history as the inventor of ear muffs. An inventor for the ordinary man. He could look at a labor intensive job and then figure out how to get it done more simply and comfortably. Chester Greenwood also invented the wide bottom kettle, spring steel rake, shock absorber that is an ancestor to today's airplane-landing gear, a new type of spark plug, a simple donut hook, a folding bed, and bearings to keep wheels from wrenching off. Greenwood was 15 when he designed his first pair of ear protectors out of wire, beaver fur and cloth. At the age of 19 he acquired a U.S. patent. By age 28 Chester Greenwood & Company factory was producing and shipping Champion Ear Protectors worldwide. In 1936 the company had its biggest year producing 400,000 pairs.

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