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January 16, 2008

As posted in 5 daily Maine newspapers

Public Input for Proposed and Adopted Rules

Notices are published each Wednesday to alert the public regarding state agency rule-making. You may obtain a copy of any rule by notifying the agency contact person. You may also comment on the rule, and/or attend the public hearing. If no hearing is scheduled, you may request one -- the agency may then schedule a hearing, and must do so if 5 or more persons request it. If you are disabled or need special services to attend a hearing, please notify the agency contact person at least 7 days prior to it. Petitions: you can petition an agency to adopt, amend, or repeal any rule; the agency must provide you with petition forms, and must respond to your petition within 60 days. The agency must enter rule-making if the petition is signed by 150 or more registered voters, and may begin rule-making if there are fewer. You can also petition the Legislature to review a rule; the Executive Director of the Legislative Council (115 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333, phone 207/287-1615) will provide you with the necessary petition forms. The appropriate legislative committee will review a rule upon receipt of a petition from 100 or more registered voters, or from "...any person who may be directly, substantially and adversely affected by the application of a rule..." (Title 5 Section 11112). World-Wide Web: Copies of the weekly notices and the full texts of adopted rule chapters may be found on the internet at:



The Land Use Regulation Commission is seeking public comment on the Workshop Draft of the 2008 Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The Land Use Regulation Commission is charged with planning for future growth within its jurisdiction. For this reason, the Commission's Comprehensive Land Use Plan is regularly evaluated and updated in order to analyze land use and development trends and determine their effects upon the jurisdiction and to develop a future vision for the jurisdiction. The Commission staff has initiated work on the next plan revision.
These workshops are an opportunity for members of the public and interested groups to review the workshop draft of the plan and participate in public discussions in informal proceedings before a final draft is presented to the public for review and comment through the formal public hearing process.
Members of the public are welcome to attend and/or participate in the public workshops.
Maine Public Workshop Schedule – all will be held from 6 – 9 p.m.
Portland: Monday, February 4, Holiday Inn By the Bay, 88 Spring Street
Augusta: Wednesday, February 6, St. Paul Center, 136 State Street
Machias: Thursday, February 7, University of Maine, Machias, 9 O'Brien Avenue
Presque Isle: Monday, February 11, Presque Isle Inn and Convention Center, 116 Main Street
Millinocket: Tuesday, February 12, Stearns High School, 199 State Street
Greenville: Wednesday, February 13, Greenville High School, 130 Pritham Avenue
Rangeley: Thursday, February 14, Rangeley Inn, 2443 Main Street
Week of February 25: Snow dates, if necessary
The following link to the Commission’s website will provide access to the draft plan:
All interested members of the public are invited to attend and offer comments which would have a bearing on this draft plan. The public is not required to submit written comments before the workshops. Members of the public may simply attend the workshops and speak.
Written comments should be sent to the Land Use Regulation Commission, 22 State House Station, Augusta, Maine, 04333-0022. Comments may also be submitted via e-mail to
The deadline for comments is Friday, March 14, 2008.
Persons with disabilities planning to attend the workshops are requested to inform the Commission in advance so that arrangements can be made for services they may require.
A full copy of the workshop draft of the plan may be viewed at the Commission’s main office (18 Elkins Lane, Harlow Building, Augusta, Maine) or may be downloaded from the agency’s web site ( To view the draft plan at the Augusta office, please call the office in advance at (207) 287-2631. Persons having questions may contact LURC by e-mail ( or telephone (207-287-2631).
AGENCY CONTACT PERSON: Sarah Giffen, Land Use Regulation Commission, Department of Conservation, 22 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0022
TELEPHONE: (207) 287-4969

PROPOSALS: none this week


AGENCY: 02-031, Department of Professional & Financial Regulation, Bureau of Insurance
CHAPTER NUMBER AND TITLE: Ch. 600, Screening Mammograms
CONCISE SUMMARY: The purpose of these amendments is to add a statutorily required sentence to the definition (LD101, PL153).
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 9, 2008
AGENCY CONTACT PERSON: Vanessa Leon, Bureau of Insurance, 34 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333
TELEPHONE: (207) 624- 8452

AGENCY: 02-031 – Department of Professional & Financial Regulation, Bureau of Insurance
CHAPTER NUMBER AND TITLE: Ch. 945, Annual Report Supplement for Health Insurers
CONCISE SUMMARY: This rule establishes standards, procedures, and forms that health insurers and health maintenance organizations must use in filing the annual report supplement required by 24-A MRSA §423-D.
The filing requirements contained in this rule apply to all health insurers and health maintenance organizations except as provided in this section. The requirements apply to companies renewing existing policies, whether or not they currently offer those policies for new issue. The filing requirements do not apply to the types of health insurance identified as an exception to the definition of health insurance in 24-A MRSA §704(2). Therefore, insurers engaged in only the following types of insurance or any combination of the following shall not be subject to this rule: accidental injury, specified disease, hospital indemnity, dental, vision, disability income, long-term care, Medicare supplement, or other limited benefit health insurance as defined in Rule 755. The filing requirements do apply to insurers writing employee benefit excess (stoploss) insurance as defined in 24-A MRSA §707(1 )(C-1) with respect to health benefit plans.
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 9, 2008
AGENCY CONTACT PERSON: Vanessa Leon, Bureau of Insurance, 34 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333
TELEPHONE: (207) 624-8452

AGENCY: 09-137 – Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
CHAPTER NUMBER AND TITLE: Ch. 1: 1.02, Ice Fishing Regulations
CONCISE SUMMARY: The Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and wildlife has adopted rules pertaining to ice fishing. This body of rules is printed in its entirety in the Ice Fishing Regulations Booklet (Ice-in 2007 - March 31, 2008) available from the Department as well as license agents.
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 14, 2008
AGENCY CONTACT PERSON: Andrea Erskine, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, #41 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0041
TELEPHONE: (207) 287-5201

AGENCY: 14-197 - Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disability Services
CHAPTER NUMBER AND TITLE: Ch. 3, Definition of Mental Retardation and Autism; Appeal Procedures.
CONCISE SUMMARY: These rules amend Ch. 3, which covers the definition of mental retardation and autism and further describes appeal procedures. It is the purpose of this rule to set out standards by which to determine if individuals applying for services meet the eligibility standards described herein. In addition, the time frames for an applicant or recipient who is dissatisfied with an eligibility decision to file an appeal are set out, as well as the time frames for scheduling a hearing and rendering a final hearing decision.
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 15, 2007
AGENCY CONTACT PERSON: William Hughes, Office of Adults with Cognitive & Physical Disability Services, State House Station #11, 2nd Floor Marquardt, Augusta, ME 04333
TELEPHONE: (207) 287-2840