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What information is available online?

With Corporate Name* Search, customers may search by the name of the entity or by its charter number (the unique number assigned by the Secretary of State). You can use this free service as a preliminary name availability search. After choosing the entity that best matched your search, you may view an information summary of the entity and view all filings associated with that entity.

*Corporate Name includes domestic and foreign (formed outside of Maine) business and nonprofit corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships and trade or service marks on file with the Maine Secretary of State's office

How can I print a certified copy or Certificate of Existence from my computer? Isn’t a seal required?

A certified copy obtained through this service will contain a digitized version of the State seal and will be time and date stamped. A unique authentication number will also be printed on the document that can be used to verify the authenticity of the electronic certification.

I received a document that has been certified electronically. How can I be sure it’s authentic?

To verify the authenticity of a document certified electronically, go to the Authentication Service.  Enter the authentication number located on the lower left hand corner of the document and the certification will be confirmed.

How do I file Annual Reports online?

With Annual Reports Online, instead of completing and mailing a preprinted form, the same information is entered online, through an easy to use online process. Once completed, one click of the mouse files the information electronically. A confirmation sheet with the filing information may be printed for your records.

I don’t want to file my annual report online.  Can I download a copy from your website?

Yes.  You can obtain your preprinted annual report form on our website.  You need to know your charter number.  Your charter number is the unique number assigned by our office that never changes.  If you have a copy of a previous annual report, it appears in the upper right hand corner or use the Corporate Name Search service to locate it.

 Is there a fee to search and file?

Yes and No. For Annual Report filing, the applicable filing fee ($85 for domestic business entities, $150 for foreign business entities, or $35 for nonprofit corporations) must be paid. For Corporate Name search, the search is free as well as viewing information on the entity searched. For Certificates of Existence, the fee is $30 and copies of filings are $3 per filing. Payment for these services may be made through a subscription to InforME.

What is InforME?

InforME, the Information Resource of Maine, was established by the Maine Legislature in 1998 as a resource for providing state government services and information over the Internet.

How do I become an InforME subscriber?

The annual subscription fee for InforME is $95. To find out more about InforME and the services it provides or to complete an online subscriber form, visit: or contact InforME at 207-621-2600.