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The HAVA Bulletin
An Update on the Help America Vote Act

September 2005, Issue #7

CVR Rollout After November Election

Municipalities will go live on the CVR System after the November 2005 election. The Rollout will begin in mid-November, staggered weekly until early January 2006. Each municipality will be assigned to a Rollout Group, and we will soon contact each municipality individually with its specific Rollout date and details for implementing the system. If you have any questions, please call Johnnie Meehl at 624-7648.

CVR Equipment in Municipalities

Most municipalities have signed and returned the CVR Equipment Use Agreement. Thanks for your response! The equipment vendor, CBE Technologies, will contact each municipality to schedule delivery.

About 30 municipalities have not yet returned CVR Equipment Use Agreements. We’d like to remind these municipalities to sign and return the original copy by mail as soon as possible. If you have further questions, or need a replacement agreement, please contact April Richmond at 624-7658.

CVR Equipment & Training: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My computer has been delivered; now what do I do?
A: Each municipality is responsible for setting up its own CVR equipment. A comprehensive but simplified setup document is included in the CPU box (the largest box, marked “Open Me First”), for each set of equipment shipped. If you run into trouble, please call CBE Technologies at 1-800-YES-TECH(1-800-937-8324).

Q: A piece of equipment appears damaged, broken, or doesn’t seem to work; who should I call?
A: Contact CBE immediately at 1-800-YES-TECH. CBE will open a repair ticket in its office and ship you the replacement equipment. They will also provide you with details on how to return the inoperable piece of equipment.

Q: I have entered my Windows key, but I’m uncertain what to do now. The screen calls for an Administrative Username and Password; where do I find them?
A: The username and password are included in the simplified set-up document in the CPU box. If you cannot find it, please contact CBE at 1-800-YES-TECH.

Q: I have set up my system and am on the “CVR Login” screen. What is my username and password?
A: This means you have successfully completed the set-up process. You cannot proceed further until your municipality goes “live” during Rollout later this year. CVR Login information will be provided by the State at Track 2 Training before Rollout on the new system. We will inform each municipality of its individual Rollout schedule.

Q: Many municipalities nearby have already received their equipment. When can I expect delivery for my municipality?
A: CBE is contacting and scheduling deliveries for each municipality that returned a User Agreement. Shipping is ongoing and you will be contacted for scheduling delivery of your CVR equipment very soon.

Q: I have Internet service available in my office. How do I connect the CVR computer to the Internet?
A: Please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for details and instructions.

Q: The instructions delivered with the configuration are specific to a stand-alone set-up. I have a networked environment; Does the set-up differ in this circumstance?
A: It may, but only slightly. If your office support team has questions or concerns, please call CBE at 1-800-YES-TECH.

Q: I wasn’t able to attend Track 1 Training. Will there be another session?
A: If you think you need Track 1 Training, please contact April Richmond at 624-7658. But you can also train yourself using Microsoft Interactive Training, which is already on the computer provided. This program is designed for users unfamiliar with computers, but it can be beneficial for users at all levels. After you’ve set up and turned on the computer, here’s the navigation path from the Desktop screen: “Start” — “All programs” — “Accessories” — “Microsoft Interactive Training” — “Microsoft Interactive Training.” All you need to do is create your own username and password. This is a self-guided, self-paced program that tracks progress, builds skills, offers helpful hints and even gives you the option to quiz yourself! You will need your own headphones for the audio-assisted program. The headphone jack is on the front of the machine: just open the door with the “Dell” logo below the power button. If there are several people in your office who would like to do self-guided training, each person should create their own username and password.

Q: I currently do not have access to the Internet. What should I do?
A: The State understands that not all municipalities currently have access to the Internet. The State is working with vendors to make sure you will be connected so you can go “live” on the CVR.

Q: When will Track 2 Training (specific to the ElectioNet application) take place?
A: The training schedule has not yet been finalized. Municipalities will be notified in a future HAVA Bulletin and through direct contact from the State.

Q: I’ve heard from different people about data conversion and I have questions about the process; whom should I call?
A: For technical conversion issues, please call Mike Popowich of Covansys at 622-3119 (; For general conversion questions, please call John Smith, Office of the Secretary of State, 626-8409 (

Further Questions about CVR or HAVA?


Phone: 624-7650 (Elections Division)