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The HAVA Bulletin
An Update on the Help America Vote Act

October 2005, Issue #8

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of CVR

Thanks for a job well done!

With the help of municipal Clerks and Registrars, we have tested ElectioNet, the software application of the Central Voter Registration system (CVR). Critical to implementing a CVR to meet the specific needs of the State of Maine, ElectioNet went through rigorous testing to ensure user-friendly, streamlined and proper functionality to meet State and Federal requirements. To accomplish this testing, several municipal election officials were asked to volunteer their time to work with the State CVR Functional Team. These users made the trip to Augusta to practice such important modules as Voter Registration, Reports, and Absentee Voting, to name a few. The time and effort of these individuals is greatly appreciated, and their input is valuable to our overall effort of delivering a sound and efficient CVR. Thanks again!

CVR Equipment Information

Delivery, Set-Up and Help: The state has delivered over 450 sets of equipment to municipalities; the remaining equipment will be delivered in the coming weeks. Please refer to the documentation provided with the equipment for important information, including set-up of the equipment and the username and password to access the computer system. Once you are logged onto the computer, you will see an icon on the screen for the CVR application. You will be unable to access the CVR until you receive a specific username and password required for the CVR application, which will be provided to you at Track 2 Training. In the event you receive damaged or inoperable equipment, or if you have set-up questions, please contact CBE at 1-800-YES-TECH, and select option 4 (1-800-937-8324, option 4).

Internet Access: The CVR application, known as ElectioNet, is an internet, web-based application. In order to maintain voter registrations on the CVR, internet access is required. Joan Bolduc, the Data Communications Customer Assistance Coordinator with the State Office of Information Technology (OIT), will be contacting Clerks or Registrars in municipalities that are not currently connected to the Internet. She will be working with you, coordinating and contracting with vendors, and scheduling the work orders to ensure you are able to access the CVR.

Equipment Use Agreements: All municipalities that have not completed and returned the Equipment Use Agreements must contact the Division of Elections as soon as possible to have outstanding questions and concerns addressed. CVR equipment will not be shipped until the Use Agreement is returned.

Combined Municipalities/Townships: Only municipalities that are maintaining voter records and conducting elections will receive CVR equipment. Equipment will not be provided to municipalities or townships that do not maintain voter lists or conduct their own elections. Please continue to make the State aware of relationships that develop where one town will maintain information not only for itself, but also for surrounding towns; where the Clerk and Registrar is the same person for multiple municipalities; or where the County has contracted with a municipality to handle voter registration or elections for a township. We are already aware of several of these situations. However, if this is a new development for your municipality, please call Melissa Packard, Director of Elections, at 624-7650.

Instructions for Maintaining Voter Registration
After Voter Cards are Imaged

All Municipalities

Immediately after your voter registration cards have been image-scanned, you will need to flag, separate, or otherwise keep track of any new voter registration cards or changes you receive prior to going live on the CVR. New cards received after your current cards have been scanned will be your responsibility to scan after you go live on the system. The scanner is provided as part of the CVR equipment package.

Paper Towns

Municipalities that have a paper list of voters and are not providing voter data electronically will also need to keep newly received cards separate in order to make changes to the voter list (additions/changes/deletions) after you go live on the CVR. The voter data that will be entered into the CVR by the State's vendor will only include information from the cards scanned in advance of CVR rollout. Therefore, any changes after the scanning of your current cards will need to be updated in the system after going live.

Electronic Towns

In addition to keeping track of new voter registration cards for scanning purposes (first paragraph above), municipalities that are providing voter data electronically will need to keep track of changes to voter information (additions/changes/deletions) following the third and final pull of data. Any changes to voter information occurring after the final data pull will need to be updated in the system after you go live.

For more information about the Imaging schedule, please call the PCC Imaging Team at 207-512-2627.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: What will the computer equipment be used for and will it be available for public access?

A: The computer equipment will be used for maintaining your voter list, as well as petition management and absentee ballot tracking. You may use the equipment for other municipal business as long as it is in compliance with the Equipment Use Agreement. The equipment is being provided to allow municipal election officials (Clerks, Registrars and their sworn deputies) access to the central database. Specific information regarding public access to voter information is outlined in Maine Law (Title 21-A , Section 196, as recently enacted by Public Law 2005, c. 404, "An Act Regarding Distribution of Information from the Central Voter Registration System").

Q: Must the CVR computer be available at the polls on Election Day to access the CVR?

A: The computer will not need to be at any polling location on Election Day. You will conduct business as usual at the polls including the usage of a paper Incoming Voter List. Your Election Day registrations will be processed into the CVR after an election. You may choose to connect to the Internet at your polling place and access the CVR on Election Day, but Federal guidelines prohibit wireless access to the central database.

Q: What is the user name and password for my computer?

A: For the initial set-up of the CVR computer, you will need a username: Hava; and password: Hava01. Once you enter these defaults, you must create your own unique password and keep it secure. Please refer to the documentation included with the equipment for this and other important set-up information. Once you are logged onto the computer, you will see an icon on the screen for the CVR application. You will be unable to access the CVR until you receive a specific username and password, which will be provided to you at Track 2 Training.

Q: Last year, the polling places in my municipality were surveyed for handicap accessibility. What are the legal requirements for accessibility?

A: The survey was designed to help municipalities identify areas that are in noncompliance with State and Federal accessibility laws. However, it is each municipality's responsibility to comply with these laws. Maine Law (Title 21-A, Section 630), has required since July 1, 2001 that all facilities used by a municipality as voting places must be accessible as defined by the 1981 Standards of Construction described in Title 25, Chapter 331. The Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) contains requirements for polling place accessibility as well. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has determined that the HAVA requirement for each polling place to have at least one accessible voting machine, is based on the assumption that all polling places are compliant with the ADA accessibility requirements. Some areas of noncompliance may be corrected with simple changes, while others might be more difficult to correct. While there is no requirement to consolidate or change your polling places, it might be a suitable option for the circumstances in your municipality.

Q: I need to order more "Cancellation of Registration" notification cards to send to municipalities when I get new voters. Will I still have to mail these out with the CVR?

A: No, any time a voter moves within Maine, the notification to the previous municipality will be done electronically in the CVR. You will only be required to mail a notification card when a voter was previously registered in another state. Therefore, you should limit the number of postcards you order. The out-of-state notifications may eventually be automated by an electronic notification.

Q: I plugged in my "Wasp" barcode scanner, but now my keyboard doesn't work. What should I do?

A: In order to ensure keyboard functionality, the set-up of the "Wasp" barcode scanner must be completed as noted in the Programming Guide for the scanner. There are specific settings noted in the manual for activating keyboard support. Before you call for help, try this: unplug the "Y" connecting cord and plug in the keyboard only. Does it work? If yes, shut down the computer. Then plug in the "Y" connector and restart. If it still doesn't work, call 1-800-YES-TECH (1-800-937-8324); select option 4.

Q: My municipality is cooperating with a neighboring town to maintain our voter lists together. Do we both need to be on the CVR system?

A: Only municipalities that are maintaining voter records and conducting elections will receive the CVR equipment. Municipalities or townships will not receive equipment if they do not maintain their own voter lists or conduct their own elections. If this is a new development for your municipality, please contact Melissa Packard, Director of Elections, at 624-7650.


Phone: 624-7650 (Elections Division)