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The HAVA Bulletin
An Update on the Help America Vote Act

August 2005, Issue #6

Who’s Who on the HAVA Team

Here are the names to know as we implement HAVA and the Central Voter Registration System (CVR) over the next few months. Close interaction between our team and your municipality will ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

Julie Flynn, Deputy Secretary of State,, 624-7650
Directing overall HAVA implementation and compliance

David Stine, State of Maine,, 624-7538
CVR Project Manager

Team members by specific area:

Data Conversion:



John Smith, State of Maine (General conversion questions), 626-8409

Mike Popowich, Covansys Corporation (Technical conversion issues), 622-3119


April Richmond, State of Maine, Training Coordinator, 624-7658

Voter Card Imaging:


Voter Card Imaging: Johnnie Meehl, State of Maine (General imaging questions), 626-7648

Ginny Brown, PCC Technologies (Imaging scheduling only), 594-9714

Other questions? Please call the HAVA Team at 624-7650 or email

CVR Timeline and Milestones

CVR Rollout Plan

Rollout Groups: Each municipality will be assigned to one of 10 Rollout Groups. Except for the first group (the “Pilot”), municipalities are grouped by geographical region. The groups are also designed to accommodate the limitations of data conversion, training facilities, staff capacity, and other physical constraints due to the size of Maine. In each Rollout Group, the same set of steps will be performed:

1) Correction of voter registration data and add comments
2) Upload final data set
3) Track 2 Training (Using the CVR ElectioNet software)
4) “Go Live” (Municipality goes online with CVR and stops using its current system)

As we finalize our schedule for implementing the CVR, we will provide each municipality with its specific rollout date and details for implementing the system. It’s important to keep in mind the amount of coordination and planning required to bring over 500 separate entities online. We have enjoyed close cooperation with municipalities and we look forward to working together over the next few months.

We will announce the Rollout Groups by the end of August. Due to the complexity of this project, municipalities will not be able to change from one Rollout Group to another. Questions? Contact: Johnnie Meehl, 624-7648

Training Update

Our new Training Coordinator is April Richmond (phone 624-7658, April will facilitate and schedule all training and is contacting municipalities to schedule both training and PC installation.

Track 1 Training will take place this month, before the rollout of the CVR. Not all users need Track 1 Training.
Track 2 Training, required for all users, begins in the week before a municipality goes online with the CVR.

Note on training locations: Recently one of the User Group members put us in touch with a high school which offered its computer lab for our CVR training. If you know of a location in your area (a high school, adult education center, etc.) that might be available for a day-long Track 2 session at low or no cost, please contact April Richmond (Phone 624-7658,

CVR Equipment Delivery

If your municipality has not yet returned a signed Use Policy Agreement, please remember that we require receipt of the completed Agreement prior to shipment of the CVR equipment.

In June, we sent municipalities a CVR Equipment Use Policy Agreement for the computer and other equipment the State will provide for use with the Central Voter Registration System (CVR). So far, we have received nearly 400 and we will be shipping the equipment as soon as possible. Thank you for your rapid response!

If you have not received the Agreement, please contact: April Richmond, 624-7658,

Voter Card Imaging

The voter card imaging effort is under way and the Imaging Team is making great progress as a result of excellent cooperation and preparation from municipal election officials. The preparation of your voter registration card files has proven to be an even greater benefit to streamlining the process than originally anticipated.

The biggest challenge is with scheduling. We regret any inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we make changes to the schedule. As a reminder, we do not require that the Registrar be available at the time of imaging, as long as there is someone available to provide the cards and direct our team to the work area.

Scheduling questions? Please contact: Ginny Brown,, 594-9714
For general imaging questions, please contact: Johnnie Meehl,, 624-7648

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. Many of my voter registration cards are missing information, including signatures, and many contain old address information as a result of E-911 conversion. Do I need to have voters complete new cards prior to imaging?

A. No. If you have missing information on your voter cards, you will not be required to get that information prior to using the CVR. Of course any missing information that you are able to obtain from voters, including a signature, will be helpful going forward to ensure we are able to keep the CVR clean of duplicate voters and utilize all available functionality of the system. While you may seek additional information from voters, currently registered voters cannot be removed from the voting list for failing to provide additional information. In addition, if you have inaccurate address information as a result of an E-911 conversion you do not need to update the voter cards with current address information. However, after going live on the system, paper-based municipalities (those that are not providing an electronic copy of voter registration data via eHarbor or on disk) will need to update the CVR database with current address information for voters whose address information is not current on the voter registration cards at the time of imaging.

Q. Why is the state providing computer equipment for all municipalities, even to those municipalities with adequate computer equipment currently in place?

A. The State has to make sure that everyone, from a city the size of Portland down to the smallest plantation in the State will have the ability to access their data. That is over 500 locations, all with different types of hardware, software, and access to the internet. It is only in standardizing the equipment that we can ensure that we will be able to answer questions, troubleshoot hardware and software issues and provide access to the data.

Q. I submitted electronic voter data and have recently received notification that my initial data conversion reports are ready. What should I do now?

A. First, if you have not done so already, please carefully read the instructions which contain useful tips on how to make corrections as easily as possible. Second, make any corrections you can in your current voter registration system. Third, follow the instructions to post comments on any issues highlighted in the reports that you cannot resolve in your system. Fourth, as soon as you complete making changes and comments, provide the Data Conversion team a new copy of your entire voter registration list following the same instructions you used to provide the data the first time.

Q. If I have sent an electronic copy of my voter registration data to the state for data conversion, should I continue to make changes or updates to my voter list in my current system?

A. Yes, you should continue to maintain your list in its current system until the CVR is fully online in your municipality. During the data conversion process, municipalities that keep electronic voter registration data will be asked to submit their data a total of three times. The third submission of your data, to take place this fall, should reflect the most current data at that time and will be loaded into the new CVR database. After that submission of your data, you should flag any new registrations and changes so you can add those to the CVR once you are connected. Within a short time of providing your third submission of data, your municipal clerk and registrar will receive training and will then be connected to the CVR, which you will use for all voter registration and absentee ballot processes from that point forward. Until your municipality is connected to the CVR, you are responsible for providing voter registration information and lists from your current system as required by law.

Questions about CVR or HAVA?


Phone: 624-7650 (Elections Division)