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Upcoming Elections

Referendum Election - November 6, 2007

List of Ballot Questions

Absentee Ballot Application (MS Word) | Absentee Ballot Application (Adobe pdf)

Absentee Ballot Application (online fillable format)

New Program for Public Comments on Statewide Referenda

This program allows an individual, corporation, political action committee or other organization to submit public comments for or against statewide referenda, including citizen initiatives, people’s veto referenda, constitutional resolutions and bond issues. Comments will be published by the Secretary of State in the Citizen’s Guide to the Referendum Election (in both printed form and on the agency’s web site). Please refer to Public Law 2005, c. 316 “An Act To Increase Access to Information Regarding Referendum Questions” and Secretary of State Rules Chapter 520 “Rules Regarding Publication of Public Comments on Statewide Referenda” for further information.

Public Comments Filing Instructions (MS Word)
Application (MS Word)
Public Law 2005, c. 316
Rules, Chapter 520 (MS Word)