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Division of Elections
101 State House Station
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Initiatives That Will Appear on the November 7, 2000 Ballot

Physician-assisted Deaths
Kate Roberts
Mainers for Death with Dignity
PO Box 956
Portland, ME 04104
(W) 773-5322
Date of Issuance: 9/24/98
Submitted: 9/24/99
Certified: 11/23/99
Video Lottery Terminals
Robert J. Tardy
PO Box 336
Newport, ME 04953
(H) 938-2308
(W) 368-5795
Date of Issuance: 10/29/98
Submitted: 9/10/99
Certified: 11/16/99
Forest Protection Act
Jonathan K. Carter
PO Box 2218
Forestry Ecology Network
Augusta, ME 04338
(H) 628-5741
(W) 628-7140
Date of Issuance: 9/16/99
Submitted: 1/31/00
Certified: 2/28/00

The following initiative was submitted for placement on the November 7, 2000 ballot, but was enacted into law by the 119th Legislature in the Second Regular Session. However, it will not become effective until January 1, 2001, pursuant to Public Law 1999, Chapter 731, Part R.

Repeal Sales Tax on Snacks
John M. Michael
PO Box 233
Auburn, ME 04212
(H) 782-8975
Date of Issuance: 10/26/99
Submitted: 1/31/00
Certified: 3/1/00

January 31, 2000 was the deadline for petitions to be submitted to the Secretary of State for certification for the November 7, 2000 ballot. 42,101 certified signatures were needed.

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