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Disability Special Veteran Plate

Disability Special Veteran plate

Effective July 30, 2004 Maine began issuing, to qualified veterans, a special veteran plate containing the disability symbol to enable them to park in designated parking spaces. The new plate is an expanded design of the standard "Special Veteran" plate which bears the red "V". This new plate also bears the red "V" on the left hand side of the plate and has the universal disability symbol on the far right. This plate does not replace the current "Disabled Veteran" plate which bears a flag and is available to those veterans who qualify based on a service connected disability.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does the Disability Special Veteran plate cost?

A: The fee is $35.00 for vehicles registered up to 6,000 pounds and $37.00 for vehicles registered from 6,001 to 10,000 pounds. The plates are issued in a numbering sequence to include numeric/alpha sequences beginning with 1A.

Vanity plates are available in this series with a maximum of four characters. The fee for a vanity plate is an additional $25.00 above the registration fee. Disability Special Veteran vanity plates cannot duplicate a vanity plate already in issue in the Special Veteran plate series. You may search and order a vanity plate online.

Q: Are there any special requirements?

A: Applicants must submit or have on file a valid application for Disability Pate/Placard (form PS-18). The law requires you update your contact information by completing the top part of the Disability application only; there is no need to have the form completed by your medical provider for updates. The update will be required when your license or State ID expires. If the applicant does not already have in their possession a set of standard Special Veteran registration plates, they must also provide evidence of honorable discharge from the United States Armed Forces.

Q: May I use my Veteran Commemorative Decal?

A: The Veteran Commemorative Decals may be used in conjunction with the Disability Special Veteran plate as it is with the Special Veteran plate.

Q: Where can Disability Special Veteran plates be purchased?

A: At all Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicle branch offices or by mailing a copy of your registration* to: Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Registration Unit, 29 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333.

*Please include any special requirements as outlined above if necessary and, if you are requesting a vanity plate, please include your check for $25.00 made payable to the Secretary of State.

You may contact the BMV Registration Section with questions or comments at: (207) 624-9000 ext. 52149 or by Email: