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Maine's Digital Driver's License

Maine's new digital driver's license is now being offered at all motor vehicle branch offices and mobile units.

This license has a new look and will open the door to new customer benefits.  The citizens of Maine will have the advantage of receiving a driver's license with superior quality pictures, state-of-the-art security features and a new attractive design in a high quality, tamper-proof card.

     digital license front   digital license back

With Maine's staggered renewal cycle and over 800,000 licensed drivers, it will take 6 years to completely replace all Maine driver's licenses.

Because driver's licenses are used for everything from cashing a check to showing proof of age, it is important to have a license that is easy to read, durable and secure.  We are confident that this new license will serve Maine's citizens well.

What is a Digital License?

The digital license is produced with computer technology that allows for your image to be captured digitally and displayed on the license.  This same process will be used to issue state identification cards.

The digital system does not use a photographic process or film to take your picture.  Instead, a video camera and a computer are used to take your picture and produce the license.  Since the system is computer based, it has the ability to store your picture and signature on magnetic disk.

The stored images will provide added convenience and security to the licensing process.  Replacements for lost licenses can be processed without having to visit a motor vehicle branch office to retake a picture.

Additionally, since your image is electronically stored, the ability to fraudulently obtain a driver's license or state I.D. card is reduced dramatically.

Maine is joining many other states that use a digital process for issuing driver's licenses and state I.D. cards.  This technology has been tried and tested to ensure that you receive a quality product.

Customer Benefits:

The new driver's license offers a number of exciting benefits.

Choice of Photos

The new digital technology allows for a choice of two photos.  Your image is captured twice by the digital technology providing you with the opportunity to view, side by side, 2 different photographs on the computer screen.  You may select whichever of the 2 photos meets your satisfaction.

Convenient Duplicates

A lost license can easily be replaced since your digital photograph is stored electronically.  You no longer need to return to a motor vehicle branch office to request a duplicate license.  Duplicates and renewal are offered online at: or simply request a duplicate license (including the required fee) and one will be mailed to you.

Bar Coding

The information on the front of your license will be stored in the bar code on the reverse side.  This will allow for a more accurate exchange of information whenever you conduct a transaction with us in the future.

Organ Donor Indicator

If you wish to be an organ donor your intention may be clearly indicated on the front of your license.  No more decals that peel off, wear out or fall off.  A small red heart and the “organ donor” statement are a printed part of your license.

Security Features

State of the art security features make it nearly impossible for anyone to alter or copy your license.  The digital license provides for a number of security features including a small ghost photo image and an embedded hologram. Additionally, your license will be mailed directly to you within 10 days. This new process will help prevent individuals from fraudulently obtaining a driver's license.

Your Image is Protected

Maine law protects your digital image.  Your digital image is considered confidential and cannot be distributed to sales and marketing companies or to the general public.

Driver Privacy Protection

In order to ensure your privacy, the personal information on your motor vehicle records is not provided to sales and marketing organizations, or the general public without your authorization.   To find out how you can authorize the release of your personal information, please ask for a Driver Privacy Protection Brochure .