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Motor Carrier Review Board
September 14, 2006

A meeting of the Maine Motor Carrier Review Boad was held on September 14, 2006, at the BMV main office in Augusta.

Board Members present were:

George Parke - Vicechair, Steve Izer, Ron Hutchins, Alan Quinlan, Bruce Gray and Dale Hanington.


Garry Hinkley, Francis Fox, Patrick Malloy and Clarissa Hurley.

Garry reviewed the recent personnel changes at BMV; Garry is now Acting Director of Vehicle Services, Cathie Curtis is Deputy Secretary of State - replacing Chip Gavin, and Francis Fox is Acting Motor Carrier Chief.

Review of "A" Carriers

There were no recommendations for suspension.

Pinnacle Transportation. Represented by Craig Mann, Northeast regional safety manager. "No further action:. Dale/Bruce. Unanimous.

Pinnacle Transportation Inc of Mesa, AZ (USDOT#856734) is in the business of transporting general freight and mobile homes, using approximately 175 power units and drivers. The carrier uses prmarily owner-operators. This is the carrier's thrid review.

During the review period, the carrier had 14 violations (7 serious) including 5 falsifying log book; 2 unqualified driver; 2 log book not current; 1 inadequate brakes; 1 no display of lights on trailer; 1 inoperative lights; 1 operating beyond overlimit permit; 1 failure to provide proof of commercial inspection. Total of 71.6 points. Maine miles 37,068 taken from IFTA returns resulting in an RSR 196.

The carrier had one violation after the review period for log book not current.

The carrier has a Crash SEA of 65.3; a Driver SEA of 55.2; a Vehicle SEA of 86.5; and a Management SEA of 69.7. The carrier is SAFESTAT category F, and has a MCSIP step of 12. ISS score is 80.

Documents for the record:

  • MCRB summary
  • MCMIS Safety Profile
  • SAFESTAT history
  • QC Carrier Snapshot
  • BMV histories
  • Tickets
  • supplemental questionnaire
  • August 25, 2006 letter from company

Mr. Mann outlined the recent steps the carrier has taken to improve their safety compliance. Additional staff has been hired to review log books. Problem drivers have been dismissed.

Felix A Marino Co. Inc. Represented by Peter Marino, VP. "No Further Action." Steve/Bruce. Unanimous.

Felix A. Marino Co Inc. of Peabody, MA (USDOT#0192164) is in the business of hauling machinery, dry buld commodities and contruction materials, using approximately 21 trucks and 12 drivers. this is the carrier's first review. The carrier failed to return their supplemental questionnaire.

During the review period, the carrier had seven violations including 1 inoperative breakaway device; 1 inoperative lights; 1 operating without a medical certificate; 2 failure to display fuel decals; and 2 failure to comply with IRP. The carrier had a total of 12 points; 1200 Maine miles taken from IFTA tax returns, resulting in an RSR of 1000.

There were no violations after the review period.

The carrier has a Vehicle SEA of 97.5; a driver SEA of 74; and is SAFESTAT category F. ISS value is 85.

Documents for the record include:
  • MCRB summary report
  • MCMIS safety profile
  • SAFESTAT history
  • QC carrier snapshot
  • BMv histories
  • tickets
  • Supplemental questionnaire

Mr. Marino noted that the carrier is paying closer attention to vehicle maintenance and to having proper documentation.

Whitney Trucking Inc. No representative present. “No Further Action”. Dale/Bruce. Unanimous.

Whitney Trucking Inc of Northfield, MA (USDOT#0181975) is in the business of transporting metal, logs, grain, coal, and garbage servicing New England and New York. Using approximately 21 trucks and 17 drivers. This is the carrier’s third review.

The carrier returned its supplement, and also provided a letter.

During the review period the carrier had seven (3 serious) violations resulting in 30.3 points. Violations included 1 falsifying log book; 1 10 hour rule violation; 1 unqualified driver; 1 operating without seven days previous logs; and 3 speeding in a CMV 0-14 mph. 103,765 Maine miles taken from IFTA returns resulting in an RSR of 29.2.

The carrier had one violation after the review period for excess weight.

The carrier has a Driver SEA of 88; a Vehicle SEA of 90; and is at MCSIP step 24. The carrier is SAFESTAT category C with an ISS score of 97.

Documents for the record:

  • MCRB summary report
  • Carrier supplement w/letter
  • MCMIS safety profile
  • SAFESTAT history
  • QC carrier snapshot
  • BMV histories
  • tickets

Alan Spencer, dba A&S Trucking. No one spoke for the carrier. Continue as “A carrier” to the next meeting. Steve/Ron. 4-1-1 Bruce abstained, Dale nay.

Alan Spencer, dba A & S Transport of Saco, Maine (USDOT#783569) is a for hire carrier of various commodities including the US mail. The carrier operates approximately two trucks with two drivers. Even though his legal address is Maine, the trucks are registered in Florida. This is the carrier’s first review.

During the review period, the carrier had six violations (1 serious) for 22.1 points including 1 disqualified driver; 2 unsafe commercial motor vehicle; 1 defective frame; 1 operating over height; 1 failure to provide proof of commercial inspection. 20,132 Maine miles from IRP CH resulting in an RSR of 110.

There were no violations after the review period.

The carrier has a driver SEA of 84; a Vehicle SEA of 94; and is SAFESTAT category C, MCSIP step 16. ISS value of 97.

The carrier failed to return their questionnaire.

Documents for the record:

  • MCRB summary sheet
  • Driving records
  • MCMIS report
  • Safestat history
  • ISS snapshot
  • Query Central report

Mr. Spencer attended the opening of the meeting, but had to leave due to illness. The Board had a number of questions for Mr. Allen, and therefore voted to continue his review until the December 7th meeting.


“B” Carrier Follow-up.

Carriers from the June 8th meeting receiving a warning received a follow up report. As a result of the follow up, there were no further actions taken. The following carriers received a follow up:

  1. Neutrocrete Systems Inc
  2. Larry Cushing Enterprises LTD
  3. Tibbetts Logging and Trucking
  4. Donald Antonelli
  5. Judes Trucking Inc

Top 15 carrier preliminary review:

The following carriers received their preliminary review.

  1. Citywide Transport Inc., S. Easton MA. Warning letter. Unanimous. Dale/Steve. 6 violations (2 serious.) 28.8 points. RSR 2286.
  2. Joesph Eletto Transfer Inc, Hicksville, NY. Letter A. Unanimous. Dale/Ron. 8 violations (2 serious.) 29.8 Points. RSR 1522. (currently suspended for FTA.)
  3. NCD Transport Inc. Totowa, NJ. Letter A. Unanimous. Bruce/Alan. 10 violations (3 serious.) 35.2 points. RSR 577. (currently suspended for FTA’s.)
  4. Royal Transport Systems Inc. Elkgrove Village, IL. Letter A. Unanimous. Dale/Alan. 6 violations (2 serious.) 24.8 points. RSR 307.
  5. S E McMillan Co Inc. Bangor. Warning letter. Unanimous. Dale/Bruce. 5 violations, none serious. 17.3 points. RSR 86.8.
  6. County Concrete Co. Inc. Columbia Falls. Letter A. Unanimous. Ron/Alan. 20 violations. None serious. 57.1 points. RSR 48.5.
  7. Thomas Dicenzo Inc., Calais. Letter A Unanimous. Bruce/Ron. 17 violations (6 serious.) total points 71.1. RSR 46.8.
  8. Transcontinental Refrigerated Lines Inc, Pittston, PA. Special Warning Letter asking for additional information on problem drivers. Ron/Bruce Unanimous on the letter motion; Bruce/Alan Unanimous on reconsider motion: 46 violations (28 serious.) RSR 38.8
  9. B&T Pallet Recycling Inc. Lewiston. No Action. Unanimous. Bruce/Alan. 8 violations, none serious. 15.7 points. RSR 33.5
  10. Lane Development LLC. Glenburn. No Action. Unanimous. Bruce/Dale. 8 violations. None serious. 25.2 points. RSR 22.9
  11. Freemont Madden & Sons Inc. Greenbush. Warning letter. Unanimous. Bruce/Steve; George abstained. 9 violations. None serious. 27.3 points. RSR 22.1
  12. V P Leavitt Inc. Lincoln. No Action. Unanimous. Dale/Bruce. 5 violations, none serious. 18.1 points. RSR 20.2
  13. Lilac Sunrise Disposal. Baileyville. Letter A. Unanimous. Ron/Dale. 14 violations, none serious. 43.4 points. RSR 18.8.
  14. V L Tammaro Oil Co Inc. Warning Letter. Unanimous. Dale/Bruce; Alan abstained. 6 violations, none serious. 16.1 points. RSR 15.4.
  15. Bryden M Gardiner, dba Gardner Paving & Excavation, Bangor. Warning Letter. Unanimous. Bruce/Ron Unanimous. 10 violations, 1 serious. 36.8 points. RSR 15.0

Old Business:

Lawrence Carr Leasing: Garry reported that Lawrence Carr Leasing Inc remains under suspension until December 27, 2006 as a result of the Board’s recommendation. The carrier has created a new motor carrier entity, Southern State Trucking. The Secretary of State determined that Southern State Trucking is a related entity and has suspended Southern State’s privilege to operate in Maine coterminous with Lawrence Carr Leasing.

Lawrence Carr/Southern State was stopped in Maine in July and cited for operating after suspension and for other violations.

Next meeting:

December 7, 2006 at 9am at BMV. Please be advised that due to the number of carriers being reviewed, the meeting may go into the afternoon. Lunch will be provided for the Board and staff.


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