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Motor Carrier Review Board
March 9, 2006

Mark Hutchins, president, called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m.

Board Members present were:

Steve Izer, Ron Hutchins, Dale Hanington, Bruce Gray, Alan Quinlan. George Parke joined the meeting by telephone conference.


Garry Hinkley, Francis Fox, Patrick Mallow, and Dolores Hayes


Tim Bolton, Policy Development Specialist with Maine Dept. of Transportation Office of Freight and Valinda Gorder, Associate of Parker & Young, contracted by FMCSA, a CVISN specialist here to help us implement the CVISN plan.

Deputy Secretary of State Chip Gavin joined the meeting briefly for a special announcement.

Mark announced since there were no carriers being reviewed the meeting would move forward with the agenda.

The Board approved the minutes of the December 1, 2005 meeting.

Chip Gavin brought thanks from the Secretary of State to the Board for their on-going work as well as the Board's participation last fall on the work required for the Perpetual Violator issue. On the Perpetual Violator issue he updated the Board that their suggestions: (1) “The Department continue to participate in the UCR.” This is working its way through the Legislature right now and it has already been passed out of committee authorizing the Secretary of State to fairly aggressively participate in the UCR. (2) “Motor Carrier Services refer individual drivers to the Driver Licensing Unit.” Increased cooperation is occurring within the Bureau of Motor Vehicles as the result of this effort. (3) The Board's recommendation regarding participatory nature of the defensive driving courses not be based just on attendance but be based on some kind of level of engagement in that course, although it is outside of our jurisdiction, was forwarded in writing to the Federal Highway Safety Administration.

Chip reported that he was aware of lack of reports, due to technical difficulties, needed by the Board to make assessment and those reports would be available hopefully in the next two months.

Chip then offered the Motor Carrier Review Board his congratulations. “The Secretary of State will be nominating the Motor Carrier Review Board for a National Award through the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators for the Community Service Award as an organization that has made a substantial contribution to highway safety here in Maine based on the entirety of the Board's record but also particularly focusing on the past year or so when you updated your own Rules and upgraded the violations that you look going above and beyond the call of duty to assist the Department in looking at the Perpetual Violator issue. That nomination will be sent to the National competition in the next ten days or so. We will obviously wish for the best with you. Regardless of the outcome, we are very proud of the work that the Board has done and continues to do. It will be highlighted in the report that regardless of who the Secretary of State has been, has acted without exception whenever the Motor Carrier Review Board has made a recommendation for action to be taken as a sign of how seriously the Board's work is taken and how much faith we have in the due diligence that the Board does conduct and the consideration you give the people who come before you.”

Mark thanked Chip for the update and stated the information was very encouraging to all the Board members.

In further announcements, Garry introduced two guests: Valinda Gorder from Parker & Young. She is a consultant for Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and an expert in the National CVISN program. She is here this week to help Maine write its CVISN implementation plan.

Our other guest is Tim Bolton, Policy Development Specialist from MDOT's Office of Freight. Tim is heavily involved in the development of Maine's CVISN program.

Correspondence: Follow up on “B” carriers from the December 5th meeting.

The first Carrier was Sons transportation Inc. out of Worster Massachusetts. (No new violations, RSR change due to adjusted mileage from their returned supplement).

R & M Enterprises out of Exeter. (Did not return Supplemental—phone/fax disconnected—no additional violations—inactive with the FMCSA) Looks like they are out of business.

William A. Renaud Jr. Trucking Inc. (No added violations.)

Whitney Trucking Inc. (No added violations/changes)

Squeglia Transportation. ( Faxed reminder for supplemental and received a fax the same day that they are out of business.

Almighty Waste had no changes.

The Board took no additional actions on the “B” carriers.

Presentation of carriers for possible review.

  1. B & J Transportation, Mars Hill had 17 violations, 10 serious; 93.6 points; RSR 12.9. Crash SEA 36.5; Driver SEA 98.6; Vehicle SEA 81.5. SAFESTAT Category B. MCSIP step 1, targeted. ISS 97. 3rd review. A motion was made by Bruce and seconded by Ron to send them a warning letter. The vote was unanimous of those present.
  2. Lawrence Carr Leasing Inc., North Miami, FL. 22 violations, 3 serious; 62.6 points; RSR 8400. Driver SEA 99.7; Vehicle 99.7; SAFESTAT cat. “B”; MCSIP step 1, targeted. ISS 98. A motion was made by Steve and seconded by Dale to send them a Letter A. The vote was unanimous.
  3. Smokey's Greater Shows. Sarasota, FL & Bangor, ME. 6 violations, 1 serious. 21 points; RSR 479. Driver SEA 94; Vehicle SEA 94; management SEA 82. SAFESTAT Cat. “B” MCSIP step 24; ISS 99. A motion for a letter “B” was made by Dale and seconded by Ron. The vote was unanimous.
  4. Wallboard Supply Co. Inc. Dropped from review. Received and verified new Maine mileage which resulted in an RSR below the threshold for review.
  5. Tower Transportation LLC. Scarborough. 5 violations, 1 serious. 19.8 points; RSR 31.4. Driver SEA 93.8; vehicle SEA 98.3. SAFESTAT Cat. “B”; MCSIP step 16. ISS 98. A motion to send a warning letter was made by Dale and seconded by Steve. The vote was unanimous.

Old Business:

The revised Rules are now in use.

New Business:

In light of the difficulty of obtaining reports from the BMV computer system, George suggested contacting the State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit for leads for possible review. It was agreed this was a good idea. Garry will make the request.

The Next meeting is June 8th, 2006 at 9:00 a.m., Bureau of Motor Vehicle Executive Conference room.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 a.m.


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