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Aaron Winslow Transcript

Greene Aug 29, 1863

Gen Hodsdon

Dear Sir
Will you give me your opinion in regard to supplying Aid to a soldiers wife under the following circumstances to wit

A Mrs. Wardwell wife of I. W. Wardwell whose home is in Dover, Me came to me this week and in the name of the State of Maine demanded aid for herself and one child.   Her Husband Isaac W. Wardwell went as a substitute for a Mr. Lord of Winthrop Me   Lord paying Wardwell $375.00 cash together with the State of Me State bounty amounting to $577.00  a pretty smart sum    his wife owned to me that her husband want(ed) to get clear of being drafted if another call should be made.  Now, Sir, I have had the control of paying Soldiers wives for the year of 1863 and paid every one all the law provides since the 10 of June when the returns were made to the State authorities   I don’t feel that under existing circumstances with $475 dollars in hand and exempted from another draft for three years & 102 (dollars) when discharged with 13 (dollars) per month tis my duty to pay 1.25 (dollars) per week in addition  & I am a Republican and always have been  please advise me

Truly yours
A. Winslow

Gen John L. Hodsdon

P S She (Mrs. Wardwell’s) folks live in Dover Me  his (Mr. Wardwell’s) in Greene, Me & she intends to go to Dover after getting a sum of money from this town she says

Aaron Winslow

I wait your reply touching such cases