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Theodore Hill Transcript

West Waterville Sept 17 1861

Dear Sir – In conversation with Hon A.P. Morrill a short time since I asked him the following question. “In what way can I introduce to the “Powers that be” a medicine that I think is just the thing for our brave soldiers? “Go right to, or write to Gov. Washburn” was his ready answer. I am no Tory nor the son of a Tory – I ask nor want no office as yet – neither do I desire to make money out of Government. I gave all of our volunteers a bottle of my medicine to take with them. I have heard from it + some have sent home for more – some has been sent by two families of late to their dear boys who went from this place.

It has had a great view+ is called for now in large+ increasing quantities to meet that distressing complaint “The Diptheria” I put it up in 4 ounce bottles + wholesale it at $2.00 for dozen – double the quantity for that price that can be found in the market. It is not a patent medicine but an old English Remedy put up from a receipt I claim to have a greater medicinal power to arrest pain and inflammation with-out capsicum or Ammonia, or any heating properties that can be found in the market. Its properties are simple + pure. I have tested it for ten years - + am satisfied from the hundreds of reliable testimonies in my possession that the people are not all deceived. For a fresh wound I never saw its equal. It keeps it from supparation [sic] + all smelling. Our men are liable to wounds and diarrhea + many ills That they do not wish to run to the Dr. every time – If it is in the province of the Government to supply such Remedies for our Army + if your Excellency as Governor of this state has any control of this matter + would indicate what testimony as to who I am + the character + adaptation of this Remedy to the necessities of our soldiers I can then be prepared to act. My friend Mr. Albee of Hallowell will present the case + show a speriner bottle. I will just add that my health is impaired or I should enc this at the earnest solicitations of citizens of this town been at the scene of conflict. I am holding meetings, stirring up the
Patriotism of the people + inducing all I can to enlist for their country’s safety + honour. My Father was in the war of The Revolution six years + seven months + I am none too good to enter now if Health would permit.


Theodore Hill