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C. J. Talbot Transcript (Re Neal Dow)

Governor Washburn –

Dear Sir:

In the course of a conversation with the Hon. Neal Dow, of this city, yesterday, he said to me that if you would tender him the command of a Regiment, he would at once accept the same and go to the War. I asked him if he really meant what he said, and his reply was, “I do, most assuredly.” He then said that he would have to make pecuniary sacrifice by such a course, but he was willing to do it – I intimated to him that you might, perhaps, be informed of his statement, to which he expressed a willingness – adding that he would want a Regiment of Infantry and not of Cavalry.

Since the above talk with Mr. Dow I have consulted with many of the most influential citizens of Portland and have found a very strong & universal sentiment in favor of his appointment as Colonel of one of the Regiments next raised – if not of the Eleventh, then of the Thirteenth.  All concur in the opinion that he has more of the qualifications for the post than has been, or is likely to be appointed to such position. Few men have the executive talent and moral and physical courage of Neal Dow.  The people of Portland know the fact by demonstration,

The above I communicate for your information and consideration, and trust you will not think me unduly officious in so doing – I can but entertain the hope that you will find it consistent with duty to tender Mr. Dow a Colonel’s Commission.

Very Respectfully,
C. J. Talbot