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Sarah Sampson at Gettysburg Transcript

Maine Soldiers’ Relief Association
273 F Street
Washington, D.C. Sept. 15th, 1863

Gov.  Coburn,

Dear Sir,

I am rather late in sending you this list of the “Soldiers in our Hospitals the first of the Month” but have done so with as little delay as possible, as it seemed necessary for me to attend to other duties while obtaining the Report.  My daily mail has been so heavy since the Battle at Gettysburg that I have not been able to make the copies myself.

I spent four weeks at Gettysburg with our wounded at Gettysburg and returned to Washington very reluctantly though then there were others here who had a claim on my attention.  From frequent letters in reference to some of our soldiers who are still unable to be moved from Gettysburg, I am thinking to go on again for a short time in a few days. The agent from New Hampshire has recently returned from there, and reports that the boards that marked the graves of our soldiers, are many of them displaced by the heavy rains &tc. and need attention -- he had completely replaced all those from his State.  I shall be glad when the members of our Association return that a meeting may be called to make this and other arrangements.  I shall visit all the burial grounds & report while I am there.

There is a vacancy at Fairfax Seminary Hospital for Miss Owen of whom you wrote, if she desires it.

Very Respectfully Yours,
Mrs. Charles A. L. Sampson

His Excellency
Gov. Coburn